By Anonymous / Thursday 7 May 2009 12:09 / Canada
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FYL?! OP was dumb enough to eat something straight out of the oven. OP, Darwin called, he said YDI


well I say this person is full of shit I am a baker and I have out pastry straight from oven into my mouth and it don't burn in the slightest


no, I'd say the most famous line from on of the most memorable horror movies ever made is pretty obscure O.O fail XD

Didn't it feel hot when you picked it up? If it was really that hot, you should have dropped it the instant you picked it up...

you're an idiot. what temp did you bake the pie at? 350F? so it's that hot when it comes out and you pop some of the pastry into your mouth without letting it cool? YDI

No big deal. "Pizza mouth" is the half-joking term used by docs and dentists to refer to burns on the cheek and palate. It's nothing major; cell regeneration and replacement in the mouth is fast, so you'll heal up quickly. Just hope you learned a little patience from this.

8, I think they probably figured that one out. I think everyone's burned the crap out of their mouths at some point OP :)

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