By Anonymous - Canada
Today, I baked a chicken pot pie in the oven. I pulled it out, and noticed a big piece of tasty-looking, flaky pastry had come loose. Without thinking I ripped it off and popped it into my mouth. I HEARD the skin on the inside of my cheeks burn. FML
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By  alki_fml  |  5

you're an idiot. what temp did you bake the pie at? 350F? so it's that hot when it comes out and you pop some of the pastry into your mouth without letting it cool? YDI

By  Vagrarian  |  2

No big deal. "Pizza mouth" is the half-joking term used by docs and dentists to refer to burns on the cheek and palate. It's nothing major; cell regeneration and replacement in the mouth is fast, so you'll heal up quickly. Just hope you learned a little patience from this.