By argh - United States
Today, I'm staying with my mother for a week. Every time I eat something, she tells me that it's "swimsuit season" and that I need to eat less. Every time I say I'm not hungry, she panics and insists I have an eating disorder. I can't win. FML
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Next time you're on the phone with her, ask if something is wrong with her phone cause she sounds fat. Start shrinking her clothes and injecting bacon fat into all the food in your house. She will be too busy being self conscious to worry about you.

  wolflover44  |  5

That is really mean. Even if the mom is freaking out she only wants what is best for OP. I think it's somewhat heart warming, even if the mother is going about it the wrong way.

  1215116a  |  14

What does Google mean???

By  gene818  |  13

Next time she tells you it's swimsuit season, tell her off and inform her that whenever you say you're not hungry she insists you have a eating disorder. Like saying "WTF is wrong with you mom?!"

By  Ukeee_X  |  19

My mother does this. But different. My step mother accused me of bullemia, and i went and told my mother because I thought it was hilarious... my mother went 'Are you?' now she constantly complains I'm too thin.

  Ali_Br_fml  |  33

Yeah, but eating that in front of her won't stop her from believing that, b/c they'll just think she threw it up later. If it was anorexia, then that would work. It's harder to prove that you're not bulimic. They'd have 2 follow you to the bathroom after each & every meal.