By calebeutsler - 11/09/2011 01:18 - United States

Today, I was at a pie auction. During it, I had to hold a pie in a glass case to be sold. In the middle of the auction, I raised my hand to scratch my face, and dropped the pie and broke the glass. It was worth $1000. FML
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jswizzle_ 6

What even is a pie auction?

WildInTheStreets 5

Lol, how is one pie worth $1,000?


jswizzle_ 6

What even is a pie auction?

btstig 11

It's an event where they teach people to talk like Arnold.

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

Why would you put a pie in a $1000 glass case? Lol buy something from the 99 cents store to put it in.

Try looking up the definition of "pie" and "auction" if it wasn't obvious enough already.

#5. I Hope you're joking. If not, you are a retard.

That would wanna be the best god damn pie ever

#5 Did you even read the FML?

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

Ohh I assumed the glass case was worth $1000. Silly me.

enonymous 8

The pie saw who was about to win and decided suicide was the more honorable route.

sxe_beast 11

Sometimes auctions held to raise funds for a cause sell extremely ridiculous stuff at even more ridiculous price.

enonymous 8

27 - my parents sold me when I was young to some auction. Haven't seen them since. I heard I went for 3 jars of preserves and a used Kenny Logins LP

You might be my long lost brother enonymous! I found three empty jars of preservatives in my garage the other day! I must kind the kenny Logins now...

enonymous 8

I've heard of kissing cousins but never butt fucking brothers...

It was the remains of the pie Jimbo was masturbating into in American Pie 1

Damn, $1000 for pie. :

fakeaccountX 6

Who the fuck auctions pie?

YDI for going to a pie auction dumbass

jbong 0

Lovers of pie?? Duhh

Op I hope you know humans have only 2 hands good to know right.

Apparantly OP does

Must've been a pie made of Chuck Norris' shit.

Please, not another Chuck Norris joke...

Just like your comment is pure shit.

enonymous 8

Chuck Norris would have ran around the world fast enough multiple times causing the earth to rotate backward to turn back time so this would not happen. Oh wait no that was superman

How do people not like that Chuck Norris comment? I loved it.

I loved it too

You would buy a pie of Chuck Norris's shit for 1,000? Smart.

btstig 11

Should have still eaten the pie.

WildInTheStreets 5

Lol, how is one pie worth $1,000?

ShroomsOnAcid 16

It's filled with crunchy diamond jam, made from scratch.

You've clearly never enjoyed the bliss a taste of pie can give.

29- Or go to a local Coborns or bakery and pick up a pie for under 15 bucks.

I think its the glass that's worth $1000. There's no way a pie could be that expensive.

diamond based is my guess

Only in America....

kikibrowm 7

Only in TEXAS.

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

There is a desert in New York that is $25,000 it's made with edible chocolate and the cup itself is made out of edible chocolate. There is a way for a pie to be worth $1,000. Think of all the edible delicacies from around the world..

Bulzye 2

#103- isn't chocolate already edible?

polkadot3155 6

it never said the pie was actually worth $1000 they could have just put the pie in a fancy case that thy weren't selling...

103 meant edible gold too

lmao edible chocolate

99problemz 0


hippy_child 0

... So people really haven't heard of a charity auction?

Made with edible chocolate??!!!!

you don't sell glass, but she broke the glass and has to replace it.

Gold leaf out the ass

iAmScrubs 19

My view of a pie auction. "Oooooh yeah, look at that pie. Wow, that's just marvelous. Oh yeah, that's just gorgeous. Just an A+ pie."

Everybody loves pie!

Especially ArcadePie

Hahaha arcadepie lool

Item number 115849006: A lemon meringue pie. It is contained in a pie dish made of mithril, pulled from the depths of Moria by dwarves, who fought off nameless beasts to retrieve this most precious of all metals. Bidding begins at £25.

33 I can't stand pie

You shouldn't of raised your hand...

Captain obvious here to save the day!! Obviously.

You shouldn't HAVE raised your hand.

He's not Captian Obvious, he's Captain Hindsight, with perfect 20-20 vision!

My God, I.. I think you've discovered what went wrong! There'll be a Nobel Prize for you, I'm sure of it!

stop judging. I'm only 14

Wow I'm 13 and I'm not as much of an idiot as you

Atta Be!! But sucks to be you.

btstig 11

Nice pic.

BooGhosted 0

Creepy^, True^ ,

Tits or gtfo.

Lmao thats not you in that pic... Who you tryna fool?

The people at the auction should learn about putting things on tables. :)

Anai08 17

Yeah.....that was kind of your fault.

They have PIE auctions? As in the food? You should invite me next time. I'm a pretty high bidder.