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Today, my perfectly sane and healthy 90 year old grandmother had a heart to heart with me. She told me she'd pay for a boob job. When I asked why, she said, "Sweetie, you'll never attract someone with those tiny suckers." FML
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Tell her to take the money and use it to get hers off the floor.

At least she cares I guess. I found a positive. (:


At least she cares I guess. I found a positive. (:

tweetbaby14 18

too bad OP doesn't know that what her gramma said was only in her best interest. kids these days...

FFML_314 11

More like in her breast interest. Seems like a good inbreastment.

BelleElle_fml 5

No one is perfectly sane at 90, no one.

Yes, it was in her breast intrest. Edit: Damn, already done. :(

this isn't an fml. if you've got tiny **** take your grandmother's advice.

FFML_314, is that a tranny in your pic? FYL if it's you @OP, no one is sane at 90, sorry to burst yer bubble. but maybe she's right. fyl ):

Wow- so according to the fml community if you don't have big boobs you have to unnaturally alter your body? Guess what guys? Most women aren't barbies and if they are, they're probably Aldo bitches.

Citrus - Read more comments. :) Me - "Agreed with the others. Don't get implants. Not worth it. Some guys prefer small boobs too. I don't have a preference, as long as they're not like, Huge. I guess I do have a preference. I do like small boobs."

No they won't look young forever unless you DO get a boob job. Big or small, they all fall. ~ IF OP is through growing, and they are really flat, she MAY want implants. But, there are risks. :( Granma sounds like a hoot!

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haha soooo my story with the boobs. I'm about tempted to stand along side the free way and hol a sign that says ' need $ for boobs!! Anything helps!!!'

64 - Uhm... do you think you're cool because you commented on and insulted FFML's pic? 67 - What's wrong with small boobs? Whatever happened to embracing what you've got? Not everyone needs to look into implants (this sentence was directed towards EVERYONE agreeing with the grandma) and there are many health risks associated with them. While "big or small, they all fall" IS true to a point, it's not entirely true. Many small chested girls (if not ALL of them) will not experience boobs hanging down to their bellybutton. Their "saggage" will be minimal, if there is any at all. Also, I personally know someone well into their late 80s who is perfectly sane. It all depends on your lifestyle and genetics (and prior health issues). Back to the boobs - even implants will look old, saggy and gross come a certain age. So no, a person will not look "young forever", even with implants. 77 - I hope that's a joke.

I don't see the fml here. you get a free boob job and everybodys happy! it's a win- win situation

FFML_314 11

LOL! Yes, I am in fact a tranny.

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*Insert awkward silence and a few o.O wow's here*

stephanie0613 0

Omg. What's wrong with having small boobs. I much rather have small boob's than risk my body and try to get implants. That's gross, especially because they look so fake.

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Ok guys here's my 80 impression...LEAVE OP ALONE! *cries* JUST LEAVE HER ALONE! *cries*

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FFML_314 11

Tell her to take the money and use it to get hers off the floor.

Haha, that would actually be the best come back ever.

bryan4595 0

grandma probably didn't mean tiny suckers that's too harsh she actually meant mosquito bites

doubleh98 0

hahaha, the granny could of been speechless with that comeback. ;-p

MissErikaHart 0

granny wouldn't b lying if she kept certain comments or ideas to herself

ha your 90yr old nans on the ball! take her up on the offer your 'tiny suckers' obviously havent worked yet in landing you a boyf

maybe she does have a boyfriend but gran does not know or you can be right.

Even if you like your boobs, take her up on the offer. Implants dont come in one size. You can still get small implants and have perfectly natural looking sized boobs

Implants typically have to be replaced every ten years, so she may not. If she does decide to (why not!), OP should have natural fat from other parts of her body put into her boobs. It's less risky, less invasive, and has quicker recovery time, all on top of the the ultimate success: having real boobs and not some silicone bags inside of her.

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Maybe she really is trying to help LOL

astarwarsfan 0

holy shit an Asian with blue eyes! not being racist or anything, in fact I'm Chinese

starwars, theres a chance that those are contacts or photoshopped. alot of my friends use photoshop though.