By Neveragain - 01/07/2013 05:49 - United States - Tampa

Today, while at work, a creepy guy blatantly stared at my chest for a good 40 seconds. Finally snapping out of his trance, he said with a wink, "You forgot your name tag." He was right. FML
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Why were you directly in front of him for 40 seconds? Uh.. MOVE.

You probably have your shirt on backwards, don't dive into a dumpster looking for it


josebaseball11 14

Well, look on the bright side, he could have asked for closer view.

Lol day dreaming. You should have asked him what he was thinking

Dusty_Busters 15

I'm not sure she wants the answer to that question

You should've said, "Oh so I did. My names 'Not Interested'. Now piss off."

I see you have great customer service skills. Not.

I don't care. When men treat women like that, what's wrong with being rude back.

Getting fired. It's better to report him to someone or get someone else to help him. Never be rude until its seriously necessary.

asmari 10

It's okay Queensland, your still hot.

perdix 29

#24, nevertheless, she still forgot her name tag. Her username is her location.

He didnt even treat her bad, he just let his natural instict take over, men are just drawn to breasts. Deal with it!

No, if a guy were to stare at my chest for to long I would not just 'deal with it.' It's rude and makes the girl uncomfortable. Respect, people...

SarahAlleen 8

You can't just tell people to piss off. Put on your big girl panties and deal with it.

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4--I agree with u. its shows a lack of respect when a guy just stares at those certain areas. I understand its a natural instinct, but were not ******* animals...we can control ourselves.

If you don't want a guy to stare... Don't wear shirts that show cleavage. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

69, you sound like one of those assholes that say rape victims were "asking for it" because of how they were dressed. Men should have the self-control to not obsessively sexualize a woman's body. Girls shouldn't have to wear turtlenecks just to avoid being harassed.

Why were you directly in front of him for 40 seconds? Uh.. MOVE.

She was probably a cashier. She couldn't uh.. MOVE.

I mean, she could have cleared her throat or something to break the creepo from his boob trance.

Usually the spaces are pretty small. And they're not allowed to move out of them.

That's what it's like in Australia anyway.

No offence.. I wok as a cashier, and I am allowed to move, shift or turn around as I please, so I don't know what your employers problem is. If someone is blatantly staring at my chest I'd turn to the side and fiddle with my receipt printer or call the next customer/start scanning the next persons things. Problem solved without being unnecessarily rude.

That's because you've never seen the OTHER side of being a cashier, Baustigt. I mean shit, with the low wages and long hours of standing, her feet might as well have been stuck in cement. And of course, they're the whips and chains the manager keeps behind the store.

I work as a cashier. I am told not to move at all. Once I place my feet, I am not to move to give the customer my complete attention. Even if the customer is staring at my chest. I have been told so by management. I moved once and got yelled yet because the customer complained that I did not give him by undivided attention. I just make sure I wear a black tank under my work uniform now to prevent attention that I do not want. Also, how do you know she is not new at cashiering, and this is her first encounter with this?

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I would +1 this but it has 69 +1's and I don't wanna ruin it

So, just to be clear, HE stares at her. HE puts her in a position of sexual vulnerability. But it's HER fault because she didn't move?

#51- If you can't move, how do you ring them up? *gasp* Do you have telepathy?!

Feedmyaddiction5 14

@22 that is how it is at my job. I live in the US abs it is a very small space and I am not allow to leave.

#70, who said it's her fault? Common sense goes a long way. If a guy was holding his phone in your direction trying to show you his dick pictures, would you not turn your head? What kind of muppet are you?

not to mention he could havr neen holsing up a line. whether spaced out or actually staring you could like..clea your throat.. snap him out

See? He was just helping you out.

You probably have your shirt on backwards, don't dive into a dumpster looking for it

Sounds like that's happened to you before?

You mean it has never happened to you?

SystemofaBlink41 27

Every day ends up in a dumpster for me.

It doesn't matter who I am what matters is my plan... No one cared who I was until I forgot to put on my name tag.

When Burger King lies in ashes, then you have my permission to order. Anybody? No...? Ok.

Took him a quite a whole to only realize that you were missing your name tag...helpful guy or sneaky perv? Hmmm

olpally 32

Both in this case. He got a free look and helped her at the same time. He won. Lol.

Name tag?! For the twins or for yourself? Lol