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4--I agree with u. its shows a lack of respect when a guy just stares at those certain areas. I understand its a natural instinct, but were not fucking animals...we can control ourselves.


69, you sound like one of those assholes that say rape victims were "asking for it" because of how they were dressed. Men should have the self-control to not obsessively sexualize a woman's body. Girls shouldn't have to wear turtlenecks just to avoid being harassed.

  Astarea  |  22

No offence.. I wok as a cashier, and I am allowed to move, shift or turn around as I please, so I don't know what your employers problem is. If someone is blatantly staring at my chest I'd turn to the side and fiddle with my receipt printer or call the next customer/start scanning the next persons things. Problem solved without being unnecessarily rude.


That's because you've never seen the OTHER side of being a cashier, Baustigt. I mean shit, with the low wages and long hours of standing, her feet might as well have been stuck in cement.

And of course, they're the whips and chains the manager keeps behind the store.

  jazalea8  |  16

I work as a cashier. I am told not to move at all. Once I place my feet, I am not to move to give the customer my complete attention. Even if the customer is staring at my chest. I have been told so by management. I moved once and got yelled yet because the customer complained that I did not give him by undivided attention. I just make sure I wear a black tank under my work uniform now to prevent attention that I do not want.
Also, how do you know she is not new at cashiering, and this is her first encounter with this?

  soulebelius  |  17

#70, who said it's her fault? Common sense goes a long way. If a guy was holding his phone in your direction trying to show you his dick pictures, would you not turn your head? What kind of muppet are you?