By figgy - 29/11/2010 10:46 - United States

Today, I was working in a deli when I cut more meat than I intended; I basically removed my fingerprint via the deli slicer. FML
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malisa916 7

Now there's going to be a lot of dumb criminals trying to rob a deli for the slicer so they can cut off their fingerprints as well.

RIP Finger.


RIP Finger.

print. Get well soon?

so you cant be caught by the cop? be happy it wasn't your penis that would be a real fml


I'm not here to point fingers but, you obviously made a mistake somewhere.

fakeaccountX 6

Yeah, really. As soon as I saw the word "meat", I thought you had cut your dick off.

it's time for crime!

Don't worry, it'll grow back... Eventually.

Just_Me_143 0


JocelynKaulitz 28

Well, if he ever steals anything he wouldn't have to worry about fingerprints now ;)

Cowgirl_boots 0

awww that made me cringe!

this will also make you cringe! read it out loud! "put a big wooden splinter between your toe and your nail and kick the wall as hard as you can."

I work in a deli and I'm shit scared of doing that every single time....

VeeVengeance 0

shut up

ThatLooksSticky 16

good god...that costume is cringe-worthy!

lol no, shut the fuck up you filthy mutt.

damn you girls got some bite. MUD FIGHT

give some lovin to the ssgt 3 time veteran... I need it's

haha yes I think a mudfight will solve this!

malisa916 7

Now there's going to be a lot of dumb criminals trying to rob a deli for the slicer so they can cut off their fingerprints as well.

better hurry up and go commit as many crimes as possible with that finger before your print grows back. the world is your finger's oyster. <-- that sounded dirtier than I intended.

That would work if she only used one finger the rest of them still have finger prints, silly.

Do finger prints grow back? Wouldnt your finger tip just be covered in scar tissue?

#37 If there were scar tissue there, then that means no fingerprint...

Yeah, 39, that's what he's asking. Which comes out, scar tissue or fingerprint?

fingerprints do grow back. I once accidentally sanded off the tip of one of my fingers on a huge woodshop disc sander. grew back surprisingly fast actually.

#54 Yes, I know. And I answered that there would probably be scar tissue.

Of course, #59 just proved me wrong. So there goes my theory! :P

Even if it was just scar tissue though that would still in and of itself create a print that could be linked back to the OP if they had reason to suspect them. I know they wouldn't have the scar print in the system or anything but it would still be an identifiable marker.

gusgus36 5

aah sounds painful :(

free pass to rob a bank!! I'm sure you could the extra cash. watch for dye packs

perdix 29

Usually, the customers are the ones who GIVE the tips, not get them. So, some lucky customer has unwittingly become a cannibal.

haha nice one!