By didntknowyoucouldbreakit - 06/10/2012 20:29 - New Zealand - Auckland

Today, I was fiddling around with the thermostat at my new place. For a laugh, I twisted the knob all the way to 40° celsius, when it snapped off. I don't have a clue how to fix it. FML
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Thought it would be funny, eh? Guess who's laughing now?

Well the thermostat sure as hell isn't, it just got its knob twisted right off

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I hope the thermostat grows legs and arms, gets up in the night, and twists YOUR knob off while you're sleeping.

36- cheers :) 40- your name is so epicly appropriate to this fml :D!

I bet you thought you were cool, but seriously OP don't sweat it. (sorry, had to do it; first intended puns on fml)

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You do realize that's 129-130 degrees Fahrenheit right?

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160; Celsius to Fahrenheit is (x)C + 32 x1.8

166, your formula is a little off there bud.

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And you do realise for some of us that's everyday weather in summer

You're a dumbass. Call someone to fix it, perhaps?

FML. One of the few places you can insult someone and give them advice in the same sentence.

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That was actually two sentences.

54- and while he's at it, fill the water with food coloring. Dye the whole house blue or some shit. Innovation by destruction, it's a new thing, it kinda actually sounds cool.

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I guess you can say... You pushed it too far lol I'm childish

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He got himself into a pretty heated situation.

Oh c'mon guys, OP is obviously Plankton, and was messing with Mr. Krabs' thermostat. Back to the Chum Bucket with ya! *flicks*

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You forgot to put on sunglasses

Hey New Zealand is headed for summer though. Maybe try using a bobby pin or knife to reach the dial

Probably don't want to put those things anywhere near something with an electrical current lol...

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Thermostats are (almost all) low voltage wiring. It only signals the system to turn on rather than carrying the power to do so. You can replace one yourself, it's just a few wires. But electricity isn't something to play with; get an electrician if you don't know what you're doing.

Also 153 if you mess with any wiring in your house it voids your insurance

167- well yes and no. I wired in my entire basement, you just have to do it by code, codebooks can be bought at several different home hardware type stores. It has to be done by code and inspected, if the inspector doesn't like what he sees he will make you rip it out and get it done professionally.

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Sounds like you're in hot water.

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I really don't think this applies.

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I thought it was kind of funny. Since 40 degrees Celsius is around 70 something degrees Farenheight, if I'm not wrong. Hot water is used as a synonym for trouble, and if I were OP I would be in trouble, breaking a thermostat. Whether or not if the trouble was inflicted by someone else (I.e landlord, roommate, parents) or inflicted by myself.

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My bad, I was way off in temperature. Apparently it's a little over 100 degrees. My friend told me approximately 70.

it's actually 129.6 Fahrenheit, if you're rounding up, 130 degrees. For a rough estimation of C to F you can do (C+32) multiplied by 2. in this case, 40+32=72 x 2= 144 which is off by 14.4 degrees. For the actual degrees in F you do (C+32) multiplied by 9/5 Hope someone somewhere learned something today.

YouFailForLife - Your username is completely appropriate. 40 Celsius is equal to 104 Fahrenheit. I hope YOU learned something today.

Why does a thermostat even go that high?

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#114 For Winter... But in all seriousness, who finds it fun to play with a thermostat? I can imagine you'd have fun playing with the stove as well...

The formula is not (9c+32)/5, it's (9/5)c+32. It's actually 104 degrees Celsius.

@113 ahh, thats embarrassing. I did it backwards, 40+32 x 1.8 ._. Thanks for that catch, I probably would have went on converting it incorrectly for a while. +1 to you sir

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#114, Who the **** wants their house to be 104 degrees F? Even in the winter.

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Did you get the laugh you wanted?

For a laugh? When would that ever be funny?

Well i bet it isn't so funny now haha.... Well for me it is

Use a pair of pliers to twist it back