By cassiebee - 04/11/2012 14:16 - United States - Morgan

Today, at work I was trying to be nice and give a customer a discount because she was having trouble finding money to pay for her food. Everybody behind her then demanded a discount as well. FML
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You get points for being a decent human being. Those people are just petty and greedy. Don't stop being nice, OP.

Should've said to the other people "life isn't fair, deal with it" and moved on. . But props for being a good person!


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You didn't know that one word could be sarcasm? wellfuuucckme then.

I know that one word can be sarcasm...I just don't see how you can be sarcastic here when we don't know for definite whether the people got their discount or not...

You get points for being a decent human being. Those people are just petty and greedy. Don't stop being nice, OP.

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I wouldn't, I use my common sense to know others around me might need it more then me. People are too self centered. I'd know cause I work in retail and I see this sort of pettiness daily.

People show very little respect to people in food service. People ask me for discounts and free stuff all the time. OP doesn't owe those people anything. And 38, if someone is struggling financially, they should be eating at home and not going out to eat. They don't deserve any special treatment.

Should've said to the other people "life isn't fair, deal with it" and moved on. . But props for being a good person!

Or say "I didn't see any of you eager to help her out." Maybe they'd feel like heels and shut up.

41, that's a good idea. Make them feel cheap and selfish.

Should've told the First Lady life ain't fair. I woulda been like "oh no I don't have enough money either"

It's sad that some people cant try to put themselves in other people's shoes! It must've been mortifying for the first customer as well!!!!

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Maybe they are in that persons shoes and are low on cash and that's y they wanted the discount.. But in all honesty if the customer didn't have the money she shouldn't have ordered the food.. Go to the grocery store and get a 50 cent package of ramen noodles and don't go out asking for charity

First of all, the customer didn't ask for anything. OP gave it out of kindness, unprompted. And Secondly, how do you know that's not what she was buying? She could have been at a grocery store buying some really cheap things to feed her family for dinner. Nothing in OP's post gives any reason for your assumptions.

FYL, you can't do anything good these days without people wanting to cash in on the good fortune of others. But they only want equality if it's positive for them.

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Should have given them each a discount of 1 cent

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Yah! Because if you're a nice person you don't deserve a job! Idiot.

Dude, if I was your employer I'd fire you for being a dick.

You can't just give things away, that's not how business works. Her employer is losing out on money because of it. If I gave things away at work, I'd be dismissed on the spot. I'm not saying it's not a nice thing to do but risking your job for a random person isn't the smartest thing to do.

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For all we know, OP paid the difference.

Well then good on OP, it's a lovely thing to do.

18, I see your point. It's not the OP's items to give away and it might be considered a type of stealing but it was a given discount not a give away. Most likely the OP had the way to do it without it risking her job. Perhaps her own personal employee discount? She is probably limited and can't do it for everyone. Ex: At my job, I'm allow to give up to 5 drinks away. However, I do have to put it on a spill sheet so that it's accounted for.

When I worked as a cashier at a restaurant, there was a phrase we used to promote good customer service: "give them the pickle!" If a customer complains, or is unhappy about something, give them a discount/new meal/cookie etc. In the OP's case, the customer wasn't necessarily unhappy with something, but nice gestures like that can make a one time customer into a regular which gains the company money in the long term. I don't think that what OP did should get him or her fired, but I guess it depends on the manager.

Some stores have discounts employees can offer in certain situations. If that was the case, then op was following company policy most likely.

When I was younger and purchasing something (usually just a dollar or a few cents short), a cashier would let me pay what I could. That could be the case here.

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Doing that simple thing could have made that customer shop there for life now. She might not have had money at the time but when she comes back she might. She will possibly tell her friends that the people who work their are really nice and take care of their guests. It was a very nice thing op did and it might generate business.

I think your 100% correct they had NO right to give a discount

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You only deserved it because you should have done it very quietly. However, FYL because you did try to do a very nice thing for that lady. If you did do it quietly, sorry that it didn't work out.