By shadowsonicstar - 14/01/2011 01:17 - United States

Today, I had to do 40 squats with a medicine ball. I always made fun of medicine balls my whole life because they looked so easy that even senior citizens did them. I passed out in the middle of the gym. FML
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They looked easy because the people using them weren't horribly unfit like yourself.

have trouble squatting with balls? next time try balancing a pair of balls on your chin.


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^ nice comment ps op, nice physical condition

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I just wanted to be first, but didn't have anything to say :) ha.

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Ozzy osbourne biting off a bat's head while ******** and pissing directly downward into your mouth while several onlookers **********......

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OP isn't used to "medicine" balls and squatting .

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Is that what they call it these days? Damn hipsters and their lingo!

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So exercise more and that won't happen. try carrying a couple of 100 pound sacks around. just get a hundred pound length of chain and wear it as a necklace on the weekends.

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haha 100lb sack

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yeeeeah....that's why my legs are so buff....

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#19 your picture shows a lack of character

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Ha, OP is probably a fatass, so she's used to carrying around at least 200 pounds of weight

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coming from a person named "come poop with me" with no picture at all that doesn't hurt my feelings too much

So she couldn't take a pair of balls.

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just one.

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the true fml here is that while you were passing out, the medicine ball actually fell on your groin and some punk ass kid filmed it on a flip camera and posted it on YouTube...

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damn...op is a female...haha...thought it was a male for some reason...oh well

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i thought he was male to. or she was male. how do u know

karma is a bitch.

and to think; senior citizens could do them. That kind of says bunches about you.

Tip: Rewrite your sentences.

have trouble squatting with balls? next time try balancing a pair of balls on your chin.

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^ This.

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Hey..that's no easy task.