By Anonymous - United States
Today, while working as a carhop at Sonic, my roller skates ran over some gravel and I fell, causing me to drop a tray of food. I found out later that one of the customers had deliberately done that to see if I would trip. FML
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  tjmcg  |  7

Right. Everyone here is a douchebag, just as everyone in the country is obese. And that every single person in San francisco is gay. You're so right.

  shyeahh_fml  |  19

It's not even the chef's fault. Anyone who has ever worked fast food, especially sonic who makes everything once it gets ordered so its fresh (some thing take up to 5 minutes to make), would know that it's nobody's fault. Sometimes we get hit hard and can't keep up. Things happen. The carhops are just the unlucky ones that get to face the customers. Going to sonic, you should know that it will take longer than most fast food places and its more expensive (I think it's overpriced and I work there), but it is fairly high quality for fast food.

  Epickitty58  |  29

69- I'm from Jersey. Born and raised. Am I a douchebag? Thumbs-down if I'm a bitch. I dare you. Anybody? I'll tell you, I'm not like Jersey Shore on TV. Those bitches are from Long Island like most of the cast. Only one of them is actually from New Jersey, and I've never met anybody from my home state that acts like a douchebag pimp or a class-act slut. And I rarely see people with spray tans so orange they look like they fell into 30 cans of wood stain. The lesson here kids: never stereotype. Stereotyping somebody makes you seem like a self-righteous douche. Sound familiar, #69? Who's a douchebag now?

  TheCountess  |  4

OP could still sue. Whether or not he/she would win the lawsuit or be awarded damages is another matter.

With respect to American lawsuit stereotypes, I think that OP exercising the right to sue for civil justice in this case would not be abuse of the system if OP had been seriously injured -- especially since it wasn't an accident. Anyway, I believe that they could also pursue legal action against the customer as a criminal matter, the charge being battery and assault or something of that nature.

  wwerulez14  |  6

That is true... But yeah, odds are this wouldn't hold up in court unless, for example, OP broke her neck and dislodged a disc on her spine which will affect her for the rest of her life or something. But OP can certainly claim worker's comp. and should. Odds are OP just scraped her arms and knees. The severity would decide how much compensation she gets.

But regardless, it irritates when I see someone say "sue them" when it's obvious to anyone with a good understanding of the law that it's likely it won't hold in court. It's what usually starts that whole "typical american" argument.

  Gloritank  |  8

Perhaps if there were security cameras that showed the customers intentionally doing it. but even then without having proof of their intent the likelihood of winning is slim.

By  Troll45  |  0

lol maybe if you would all stop having 45 min. conversations while the customer's food is done and the person is waiting maybe this won't happen anymore.

By  Mirorbo  |  26

Oh ouch!! I hope your uniform covered you enough so you didn't get badly injured, darling.

And if said customer confessed to doing that, I'm fairly certain you can get them in trouble. You could have gotten seriously hurt, especially since carhops don't wear helmets.