By skating101 - 08/12/2009 02:32 - Canada

Today, I went skating at the local rink. I had a really hard time balancing and was falling all over the place. After everyone had a good laugh, someone finally decided to tell me that one of my blade covers was still on, thanks. FML
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YDI no canadian should be this bad at skating

hayleyukulele 0

yeah...because it's impossible to notice yourself. YDI idiot.


hayleyukulele 0

yeah...because it's impossible to notice yourself. YDI idiot.

Hey there's a site like FML but where visitors tell their darkest secrets :) it's really funny:

what douches.

YDI no canadian should be this bad at skating

that's a horrible statement.

I'm Canadian and can't skate worth shit. Maybe you need to stop being so stereotypical and shit before I sick my polar bear on you, eh?

glorbnakcs 0

I hope your balance is better in the kitchen, otherwise your sammiches are going to come out wrong.

You kinda could've noticed yourself...but that sucks, too.

Leave it to a female to not look at something before she does it...

alex_vik 0

*insert sex joke here*

How does that happen to a Canadian?

Dieromantic85 0

Racist comments have got to go. She forgot to take the guards off. Get over it.

FilleNoir 21

That is no where near racist, just a stereotype

@3 how do you get that he is canadian from this?? other places in the world have winter and not every canadian can skate its not a mandatory sport over there, people do other things toom

It says their from canada... "On 12/07/2009 at 9:32pm - misc - by skating101 (woman) - Canada (Ontario)" it always says where their from

perdix 29

A lot of the iPhone apps for FML leave off the location and gender of the OP. That's stupid because I think that they are often important facts to know. If this story were written from the Libyan desert, it would be a whole lot different that if it came from the Great White North.

Dieromantic85 0

They're from Canada, however, that does NOT make them Canadian. This person could be German, Irish, etc. Perhaps, this person is visiting Canada...did you ever think about that? People do update their locations. Don't always assume a person is where you think they are when you know absolutely nothing about them. Let's see how far you get on the'll be begging for mommy and daddy when I check you into a wall.

XxbladixX 0

you spelled decided wrong dipthong. :p good job leaving em' on!

you're an embarrassment to canadian people..