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By clumsyandhungry - 15/09/2010 04:24 - United States

Today, we were closing the restaurant early. I begin mopping as a couple walks in. The lady slips and falls, and to avoid a lawsuit, we offer them free food. After they left, I slipped on the freshly mopped kitchen floor with dishes in my hands. I didn't get free food. FML
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katelynjoy 0

maybe you should put up a "cation-wet floor" sigh next time. ydi


whatevermajorlos 0

um. you work there.... plus YOU mopped the floor. I mean, you gave the lady free food so she wouldn't sue, right? so, maybe give yourself free food so you won't sue yourself? there. problem solved.

Wow 13, he/she was obviously being sarcastic.

29, I'm saying that unless someone else decided to mop after op did for whatever reason, she slipped on the wet floor that SHE did. I mean, if she mopped her own floor at her house, she wouldn't expect to get anything free. So, why would she mop the floor where she works and expect free food for falling on the floor that she mopped? See, what I'm saying?

And if I'm reading it wrong, and a coworker finished mopping for her, it'd still be stupid to expect a free meal because 1) she probably knew it was just mopped anyway, and 2) she said she offered the customer a free meal to avoid lawsuit. Why would a coworker sue another coworker for doing their job? Employees usually only have to worry about customers because customers often look down on the workers and super spoiled and ungrateful. Idk I could be wrong on both accounts. But either way this fml is stupid and the OP must be spoiled to expect free food from something that was technically her fault.

I saw a video like this it was a commercial nd fake =3 lol

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whether she mopped the kitchen where she slipped or not she should've been more careful. I doubt this was her first day on the job. she knows the kitchen gets mopped at closing time.

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most restaurants require non slip shoes. so op wasn't dressed properly for work, making the slip her fault whether she mopped the floor or not.

sourgirl101 28

61 is so right. And those shoes really do work wonders.

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70....u should really lighten up

Sue yourself for mopping the floors and not leaving Future You a sign.

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well considering I didn't say most then's not. what I did was say "most" and then continue with an assumption. not once did I use the word all. but thanks for the input.

this isnt true. I work at a restaurant and wear non-slip shoes for every shift, and just because they're "non-slip" doesn't mean you don't slip every once in a while. if there is a freshly mopped floor, you are still going to fall if you're not careful. it's only non-slip only a dry kitchen floor.

sourgirl101 28

Who slips on a "dry" floor? I agree that you can still fall if you're not careful. But next time you're at work go walking through some water and tell me those shoes aren't awesome in their design. (:

KiddNYC1O 20

no 74 this is an intellectual debate, 70 addressed all the points almost perfectly and he uses perfect logic. he doesn't explain them in detail but that's the only thing stopping it from being perfect and he probably only did that to keep the comment short.

MissErikaHart 0

an intellectual debate...? is it? now that's funny.

no 78, you didn't SAY "all", but you said most restaurants require you to wear nonslip shoes, then you said the op is at fault for not doing that, as if it's a rule at all restaurants to wear nonslip shoes.

im wondering... if you were closing then why did ya give them food? what do you work in a take away restaurant ? also if you had a 'wet floor' sign they were warned so they cant really sue ya..

that's stupid. offering food admits liability and she STILL can sue and use that as evidence. and u slipped on the floor that YOU mopped? u deserve it, idiot

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maybe you should put up a "cation-wet floor" sigh next time. ydi

MissErikaHart 0

y would he need a wet floor sign if they were closed. besides he mopped the floor, he knew it was wet. op is just a ditz

MissErikaHart 0

oh well that changes my WHOLE outlook knowing it's a girl and not a guy. thank you sooo soo so much for pointing out relevant information

MissErikaHart 0

oh u loved that didn't u. putting me in my place like that...maybe I'll post an fml about this very situation.

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oh, but I still think that SHE mopped the floor herself. I'm just not seeing her all up the customers ass waiting on them hand n foot til they walk out the door. she prolly continued mopping and doing her thing while they were waiting/eating their food. and even if she hadn't mopped the kitchen and someone else did, she still should've been very well aware that they were closing and that the kitchen gets mopped when they're about to close

#3 I don't see why we'd care if the floor was wet with positive ions

if op had put up a wet floor sign there would be no risk of lawsuit therefore no free food. as for her falling, o well shit happens.

MissErikaHart 0

evidence?!? who the he'll is on trial here?? anyhow like I said before, it don't matter who mopped the freakin floor. she knew they were closing and should've expected the kitchen floor to b wet.

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the evidence in this "case" is clear to me. what about u? op says that they were closing. she knew this, she stated it herself. she should've expected wet floors and to watch her step, nuff said

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I kno u didn't say case. I quoted it cuz u said something about a court of law and I was just sayin.

Wow guys it's just an FML, there's no need to argue over it(:

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Isn't your argument bases on an assumption as well, 85? Besides 22 is just as entitled to her opinion as I am and you are.

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if op works in a restaurant she is required to wear slip resistant shoes ..... arguments between people on fml is one of ups of this site ..... addi123 is gorgeous

You don't need to talk . Seeing as you can't spell "caution" right .

meaganinja 12

To me, the idea that someone would sue over that is kind of preposterous. What is she supposed to do, not mop? Americans just sue because they can.

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I'm starting to think you did that on purpose. ;| jk. but fyl

I feel like there should be a sad face at the end of this one. >:

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why would you walk on the freshly mopped floor with dishes in your hands especially when you saw a lady fall in front of you? u should have waited for it to dry

that's because they think they can win a lawsuit against an idiot

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well you work there, WTF do you expect. walk it off, bitch walk it off.

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