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Today, while walking down the street, a cute guy approached me. We ended up having some drinks then heading back to his place and hooked up. Afterwards, I used the bathroom, and when I came out, he was going through his wallet and asked me how much he owed me. FML
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A07 48

It could'ave been a honest mistake OP, atleast he didn't cut off a chunk of your hair and ask you to prom?

Maybe that happened because you literally just had sex with a man you just met...


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Not much to remember or move on from.

if anything I'd use it as a way to make some quick money

Say $100 and be happy that you made some money

She probably let him do anal. Easy mistake.

Why the fuck is this been voted thumbs down what the hell fuck all of u I swear every comment on here is voted down

A07 48

It could'ave been a honest mistake OP, atleast he didn't cut off a chunk of your hair and ask you to prom?

If he did, she should run fast.

I think it's most likely just a bad sense of humor

This comment is priceless! lmfao

psychopolarbear 28

Regardless, take the money.

Maybe it was her fire ant strip tease that turned him on.

I love how at some point in the future somebody is gonna see this comment after finding this post on random and they're just not gonna get the joke

Yeah, and at least he didn't steal all your bottles of shampoo.

I read that FML too XD

Or have a turkey fly into your windshield.

I think we've all read the FMLs and everybody is going to think we're crazy.

I want to be part of this too

LMFAO *DIES* (in class) this shit is going to get my phone taken from me.

lilchica22001 22

At least OP didn't poop so hard that their appendix burst!?! Lol

How many likes do you have XD? For me it says 1...

Here I am a year later #182. I wish I understood the joke.

Wow - what world does that guy live in that he thinks any woman walking down the street is a prostitute? Haha

Well in his defense she could have been dressed like the prostitutes in the area. It could be a known area for prostitutes as well. And it does sound too good too be true that it was that easy to get her into bed. Maybe it's just me but I could see him making that as an honest mistake.

Don't prostitutes give their prices beforehand? Because, you know, to avoid discussion?

#5 aren't we above judging women for their outfits yet? A skirt doesn't scream prostitute ffs ???

jeffandjeff 22

A skirt might not scream prostitute. Her actions of being approached, getting drinks, and then hooking up are justifiably prostitute-like though.

#74: This is not a gender issue. If you're at a hospital and see a guy in a white coat carrying a stethoscope, it's probably a doctor. ANYONE CAN DRESS LIKE THAT while not being a doctor, but it's implicitly understood anyway. We don't have time to verify every aspect of our lives every time, we take shortcuts and make assumptions. I could go all "more feminist than thou" and call upset people here SWERFs ;P...

Oh geez here we go.. It's actually a crime to pretend to be in a vocation you're not licensed in, I was stating how #5 justified the guy's actions because of what she she wearing. The incident was the mans mistake correct, so why find reasons to blame OP for a simple mistake, why blame anyone? It's no ones fault, so excuse me for standing up for OP.

Llama_Face89 33

I have the same issue as OP when I walk down the street in a police officer hat, mustache and banana hammock.

101 I agree with what your saying. But dont most prostitues jump straight to sex instead of getting drinks?

A skirt does not scream prostitute - but fucking a guy you just met does .....

gintwinsmoore 20

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Maybe you don't. If the OP does or doesn't why do you care? If it makes the OP happy then why the fuck not.

nonsensical 26

OP should have gotten out her wallet and said "Wait, I thought YOU were the prostitute. This is awkward." And then they laugh it off and bang again.

That's such a double standard though. Just because she's female and willing to have sex she's a prostitute. There are male prostitute as well.

#97, He didn't mention anything about her gender at all....just her life style

22, because she doesn't know him at all and he could be the type of guy that rapes and kills prostitutes or likes to beat on women, or any number of scary things. I'm not judging her because she had sex, but having sex with someone you just met is a good way to get hurt & just isn't safe, in my opinion.

#97 all male prostitutes are broke because 90% of guys are down for free.

Axel5238 29

Whether or not if OP was a guy or girl, sleeping with someone you don't know these days is more dangerous than it used to be with higher STD rates. Plus you don't know if the person is crazy and would try to stalk you or do something else. I have a friend that while in college slept around quite a bit we warned him to be careful. Thankfully nothing happened, but we had 2 female friends that did the same hook up with random guys and both got an std. Regardless of gender it's potentially dangerous and not something to be proud of. Just cause guys do it doesn't mean it's a good idea and it people criticize it because it's potentially dangerous and it shouldn't be everyone else that has to stick up for someones debatable life choices. I'd expect to get shit for mine. Just because it's a choice doesn't mean it's a good one.

gintwinsmoore 20

That's right, #22...I don't. It's called having high standards and having a high self-esteem. Get some.

#22, its kinda stupid after only one night. You gotta be wary of the guys you choose to sleep with. He might be a cheating asshole who already has a girlfriend, or he might be a total psychopath. Just saying everyone should be careful. Don't be too trusting with people you just met. He might also be the kind of perv to secretly film the sex. Never know anymore lol

Exactly. There are entire porn websites dedicated to these situations. There are spy glasses and hidden cameras which are easy to obtain, and often times used to film pornos without the woman knowing. This behavior is just reckless.

Maybe that happened because you literally just had sex with a man you just met...

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I think most people figure ydi if you have sex with someone you just met hours before, for either gender.

What's wrong with sex? Everyone should be able to have as much or as little sex as they enjoy.

I would think exactly the same and agree with commenter just the same if this happened with opposite sexes... In my opinion, anyone who does random hook ups is bonkers. I've done it, only once and my only regret of my sex life.

21 and 28, it has nothing to do with gender or enjoying sex. I see it as dangerous. You don't even know this person, you've just met them, and you're gonna put yourself in that vulnerable position? Screw that. What if that guy or girl turned out to be some psycho? It's just plain dangerous to hook up with someone you don't even know.

Yeah, I'd have to agree with 60. When you sleep with strangers, you open yourself up to some crazy shit, no matter who or what you are.

As a woman, I wouldn't have sex with a guy I just met. Not because society is going to judge me (honestly, don't give a shit) but because there are too many psychos out there. At least know someone long enough to Google them.

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Well, Djpee, I'm glad that you've been fortunate enough that you've never encountered a dangerous person, and I also hope that, if you choose to continue trusting strangers, that you continue to be so fortunate. OP was fortunate enough to have encountered someone who was merely a cruel prankster. (I suspect he knew she wasn't a prostitute, and that he was just making fun of her.) It could have been much worse.

108 I agree with what you're saying but I advise you be more careful since 1 out of every 3 or 4 women is raped.

You no that stat is fake right?

But of those 1 in 4 women, 2/3 are raped by people they know, not strangers.

In USA, there was about 250 000 sexual assaults/rapes. Now assuming all of those were rapes and women it still wouldn't equal out 25 percent of the women in America being raped.

Most sexual assault victims don't report it.

Djee pee: i'm glad you're fortunate enough to have met kind strangers but personally, I wouldn't put myself in that situation with a complete stranger and it's pretty dangerous for you to imply that anyone can do it and be fine, most people are kind and perfectly normal but it's that small percentage of psychos that make me NOT put myself in to situations like that.

That statistics fake? I did not know that. That still doesnt change the fact that the girl I made a comment towards shouldn't be careful. Also I know way too many women who have been raped so that's why I believed that statistic.

JohnTheDonJuan 11

#167 your logic is flawed, your comparing a yearly estimate with a lifetime probability. =/=

189, if you take 25 percent of the women in America, divide it by the number of the rapes/sexual assaults, it would take 158.6 years to reach it. Remember, some of these rapes/sexual assaults weren't even women, some were women who were raped more then once, and that some of these could be fake.

And not everyone in that statistic is a woman... I'd like to ask, if we're able to dismiss the factual statistic of how many rapes are reported because victims don't always report them, how can we have a solid statistic of 1 in 4 women being raped? Where's the solid evidence for it? I've seen numerous videos and articles saying that the 1 in 4 statistic is based off of a phone survey from decades ago. The 1 in 4 statistic is so widely used, and yet oddly enough I've never seen a peer reviewed study on it...

Take it as a compliment. You are the hot in the sack he thinks you are a Pro!

I mean... free money right?

I wonder, she never stated she didn't take the money?

you want to earn some free money? ;)

Nope she earned them with woking hard... getting him hard... idk... anyway it wasn't really free money :D just saying

#53, if you have to earn it then it's not free money. edit: did not read the comment above me. whoops!

Haha where can I EARN sone FREE money??

Well you were kinda wandering through the streets, it was just an honest misconception

hushhh 4

Then that makes him a ho too.

Everybody likes sex get over yourself ya prude

everybody would like heroine too if they tried it. but they shouldnt because its dangerous and the sense of euphoria is fleeting.

Seriously #84? You're comparing the most natural act we know to a life destroying drug? ?? literally it's only sex.. When practised safely there is nothing dangerous about it ? geez you act like it's illegal

If you go for complete stranger to sexual partner in one afternoon it can get confusing sometimes. I hope you said a fair amount and got some cash.