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By  Sheogorath  |  4

And this was something you WANTED to share with strangers on the internet? Do you not have a best friend? Seriously I would tell my cat and my 80 year old neighbor before I told the internet.

By  Henry8cooper  |  15

Sorry to hear - for some reason it's okay for guys to have casual sex and we even brag about it (though you don't really hear guys telling that they had a 30 seconds intercourse). The casual sex guys have, has to be with a woman also having casual sex - but they're for some reason not allowed to even whisper about it. So - you go girl - have fun and better luck next time.

By  Victor Gorgua  |  8


By  Stefan Lindblom  |  5

You have to remember that the first time you hook up with someone you can NOT be that amazing goddess that you are. You have to tone it down a lot so that they can learn how to survive that awesome you.