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By Anonymous - 11/08/2019 00:01

Today, I hooked up with a guy. He didn't last 30 seconds before finishing, Then his car wouldn't start. I ended up walking home after a hook up that wasn't worth it. FML
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This is a site meant for oversharing. Don't be a dick needlessly.


Sheogorath 4

And this was something you WANTED to share with strangers on the internet? Do you not have a best friend? Seriously I would tell my cat and my 80 year old neighbor before I told the internet.

This is a site meant for oversharing. Don't be a dick needlessly.

Sheogorath 4

Wasn't really tryin to be a dick. It was just a comment. I've read much WORSE comments on here. It was more of an elaboration on the "walk of shame" comment. If you can't handle honesty, then maybe you shouldn't put all your junk out there. She was being honest. I was being honest. Can't say I haven't done the "walk of shame" though not to that extent. But I also didn't share my shame with the public. You know what? I'm not explaining myself to a friggin stranger on the other side of the country. Find something else to do with your time than start stupid arguments with people you don't know for no reason.

Neighbors gossip. 80 year old neighbors, even more so. They're even better than the internet, if your goal is for everyone to know.

Another ridiculous male standard. Haha! With a girl like that, I’d be selfish too.

aaa143143 15

It’s not a ridiculous male standard to expect that a partner (hookup whatever) is going to care about satisfying you

Sorry to hear - for some reason it's okay for guys to have casual sex and we even brag about it (though you don't really hear guys telling that they had a 30 seconds intercourse). The casual sex guys have, has to be with a woman also having casual sex - but they're for some reason not allowed to even whisper about it. So - you go girl - have fun and better luck next time.

Wait, what? You didn't even bother to ask for taxi money?! YDI....

HokieJ 10

Well at least you can mark the walk off as a workout because the sex certainly wasn't! Gotta get those steps!

You have to remember that the first time you hook up with someone you can NOT be that amazing goddess that you are. You have to tone it down a lot so that they can learn how to survive that awesome you.

A) you don’t have your own car, B) you either didn’t think of taking a cab or bus or just couldn’t afford it, C) you don’t have a friend that would help you, which leads me to D) all you have to offer is your body. Clearly you’re not worth more than 30 seconds of effort. I award you zero points, and may god have mercy on your soul.