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  Chernobylz  |  4

Sorry but no. Attacking someone is not the appropriate way to get them to remember something. The only thing left to remember from hitting them would be the assault charge and restraining order they place on you. Instead OP can move on with their life and be happy that they got someone who cares so little out of it.

By  nonsensical  |  26

I would just randomly call or text back the next day and break up with him. But in a nice way to spare his feelings. I can imagine his confusion...

  PugMother  |  6

I saw a screenshot yesterday of a guy sending a good night text to 5 girls and he had them as babygirl1, babygirl2, etc. This guy must be doing the same thing. I hope that screenshot was fake or something though because that's really messed up!

  icefishbaby  |  14

I wonder if he was seeing several women casually, but found a woman he wants to pursue a serious relationship with and is now cutting ties with the others. If they had only been on one or two dates I can kind of see how this might happen (although he should have been more careful).