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Today, I met a hot guy at the bar and we hit it off instantly. After a few drinks, he called a cab for us. When it arrived, I seducingly asked, "My place or yours?" He responds, "Both. I'll go to mine and you go to yours" and walked away. The cab driver laughed the whole way home. FML
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Unlucky OP, but quite creative on his part.

Seducingly? I think you mean seductively. And you totally deserved it.


Unlucky OP, but quite creative on his part.

That's good of him, you shouldn't be going home with a stranger! Especially if you just met him. That's crazy even if he is hot. You don't know the guy at all!!! Girls these days, need to wake up. Seriously.

I don't get how this is an FML... I think the guy sounds nice and caring! So this is an FML because OP didn't have sex with some guy she just met?

#62 It's an FML because the mods said so.

yep. nice going. maybe you got his number, cause he's not a **** and likes you.... maybe not anymore, now that he knows you're easy. ;)

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Does anyone ever worry about STDs anymore?

I find it interesting that a lot of commenters are calling the guy a douche, but if he had taken advantage of her (I'm assuming she was drunk; that's how she came across in the FML) then you guys would be calling the guy a lowlife, scum, etc. etc. etc. Plenty of contradictory statements on here....very interesting indeed.

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Double gender standards will always exist as long as the ill-informed keep perpetrating these far-fetched ideas that men are violent, evil creatures seeking to harm innocent, kind-hearted girls.. Truth is a lot of murderers are actually female.

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Good for the guy, when I go to bars it is to relax with friends and have fun not hook up. The nice ones are not the ones that are very drunk in my opinion. smart too for him because taking a drunk person home is considered rape in some states so it can always come back to you.

The_Hitdude - She remembered the incident well enough to actually recount it. I'd say she was sober enough. And the guy WAS a douchebag.

147 - So a guy refusing sex with a random girl, makes him a douchebag? Well my faith in humanity is gone. Goodbye.

147 - And why was he a douchebag? Because he didn't go with her or invited her to his place? Maybe he just wasn't interested in her in that way, even though they got along well. Or he just doesn't like to go home with girls he has just met. That doesn't mean he's a douchebag. For all we know he has a girlfriend and was just having a good time talking to her. Whichever it is, there's way too little information to be certain of his motives.

160- First of all, there is a difference between getting drunk and getting wasted. If you got wasted you wouldn't remember much about the previous night. This leads me to believe that you've had zero experience with alcohol. Not that I do, but I know enough about it to know that. Also, the FML actually states "Ater a few drinks...". Some people's tolerance could be so low they can get drunk after 1 cup. And even if OP wasn't drunk, she sure as hell was acting like it. Finally, I don't blame the guy for sending OP home. I already stated one of the reasons (double standards), but if he had in fact slept with her, and she was drunk, then she could accuse him of rape. Then comes the lawsuit/charges, and BAM! He's in jail. He , unlike you, must've factored all of this in, and decided it wasn't worth it to bang a girl he'd just met. So no, he isn't a douche. If anyone is, it's you.

118-I don't agree with you about the female murderers. If you read the statistics you'd see that males still dominate that category

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Lol yea either way if he went to her house or did what he did (which he was right) he would be considered a douchebag. Your a complete dumbass for thinking that he did that wrong

I've heard this anti pickup line before. Kudos to him for actually using it. xD Full of win. Sorry, OP.

He's not a douchebag for refusing her advances. He's a douchebag for the way that he did it. There are politer ways to go about it. Sorry I wasn't being clear. And how did you extrapolate from the FML above that she was acting drunk? It could be that she was acting drunk but I certainly don't have enough information to conclude that. Furthermore, what makes you think that I don't know the difference between getting drunk and getting wasted? I simply said that if she was able to remember that experience well enough to quote the guy and herself, she was probably still coherent. I'm pretty sure the "unable to consent" rule applies to those who are stumbling around or throwing up, and not to those who are simply buzzed. Of course, I'd have to be there in order to really make a judgement as to whether or not it's a good idea but in general, if you remember an experience well enough to quote the guy and yourself, you're probably still in buzzed territory ("probably" being the operative word here). It may be the case that she was drunk enough not to be able to consent but I certainly wouldn't conclude that from this FML.

I've heard that on a website with an anti-pickup line category

Why the **** is anyone a douchebag based on who they do or do not sleep with in ANY capacity? If he slept with her, good for him, its his choice. If he didn't, good for him, its his choice. People can sleep with whoever they want to, and don't need to justify it to anyone. Especially not a bunch of complete strangers online. I really cannot understand how your opinion of what works for you in your life needs to be the same as anyone elses. You people need to grow the **** up and stop labelling people just because they are happy within their own choices and you need to judge everyone else just to justify your own opinions. This is not a situation that impacts on other people. Neither of them did anything wrong. 222, She's a stranger to him, he doesn't owe her anything and is free to leave whenever he chooses. Sure there are politer ways to go about it, but so what? I've seen plenty of females express their views on the matter much more violently and more aggressively. You should expect to be shot down if you put yourself out there like that, because it will happen sometimes. He did nothing wrong.

God 229 + 222 it took me like an hour to scroll thru you're comments!

He was not a douchebag. Honestly, good for him if he respects himself enough not to go home with a random stranger he met at a bar. Seriously that's not re brightest thing a person can do.

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Unlucky or she is not as pretty as she thinks she is. She can't even pick up a dude wearing beer-goggles.

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Most violent crimes are comitted by men. By a LOT!

Seducingly? I think you mean seductively. And you totally deserved it.

"Today, I failed to sleep with a complete stranger. FML" Really, OP?

I voted YDI, but I didn't know why I felt that way till I read #73. Spot on.

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Exactly, 73. Have some self respect OP, damn.

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Self respect? How about "I love myself and my body so much I want to go out and do something fun for myself" (ie. have a few drinks and try to meet someone to connect with) if it was a man who posted I doubt you'd be attacking his self respect. Men are horny while girls are desperate for validation, right? If I ever would go try to pick someone up (which I don't, I can't even flirt well with guys I'm serious about xD) it would be because I wanted to have an enjoyable night, not out of lack of self respect. I got plenty of that, and I give no ***** what a stranger would think about how I live my life. You determine your own meaning, your own value based on what works for you. If what another person is doing isn't hurting anyone, why tell them they're wrong?

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Would you please just shut up..?

181, Sometimes I wonder if idiots just bring up "self respect" thing because they hear it all the time from other idiots. Monkey see monkey do? I'm yet to see a decent argument for why who you sleep with or when is a sole indicator for your level of self respect.

Yeah- I was thinking good on him for not being a **** :P

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i guess beer goggles don't work like they use to

Mods delete this please, this was for another (now) deleted comment.

Moderators?! Y U NO DELETE COMMENT?!

Idk, she thought he liked I think it's kinda FYL for her...

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I agree. But I also think this is a ydi, for OP assuming that he would have sex with her because they connected. Maybe he is looking for a serious relationship and that was a deal breaker for him.

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First of all, I think it's "seductively"... Secondly, your life sucks, why would he call a cab for you two if he wasn't trying to persue you?

And she might have exaggerated on the "hit it off" part.

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pursue*. When correcting another's grammar, mind your own.

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Spelling* when correcting another's mistake, be sure to name it correctly

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*pursue *too This always happens when people get cocky.

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Two, as in OP and the guy. This implied that they were going to share the cab.

Wow.. He's a douche! I don't think you deserved it

In #16's defense, the guy could have responded in a friendlier way. The way he responded to the OP seemed quite harsh.

28 - "Sorry, but I already have a girlfriend."

It clearly wasn't relatively harmless, considering that the OP took the time to write an FML about it. However, you are right, it would have been dishonest, and definitely wrong, but could you tell me that you have NEVER told a small white lie just so that the other person doesn't feel bad?

Sometimes you have to do what feels right, not what is right. In this case, lying would end the story a lot better, and quite harmlessly. Tell the truth, and it causes all this drama.

If he had said he had a girlfriend, we would be reading an FML along the lines of "Today I was hitting it off with a man at a bar and he didn't bother to mention he had a gf till I asked him if he wanted to come home with me. FML." You got mildly rejected, OP. It happens. Not everyone wants to go home with you. On to the next one.

You're a douche for being a child and thinking you know anything about self respect and the mechanics of relationships....

Also notice that 16 has no rebuttal... Clearly an infant to relationships