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By omgjessp - 19/07/2009 03:12 - United States

Today, my cat came through my window, holding a dead rat in her mouth and dropped it in my pile of clothes. I then asked my dad if he could get the dead rat out of my room. After looking for an hour, he couldn't find it. Guess the rat wasn't dead after all. FML
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Smallworld_fml 0

Yeah they are known for moving when alive.

dyingstart 0

Heyyyy your kitty gave you a present! Make sure you pat it on the head and say good job for being a good hunter. Well, it may not have been a dead rat, but at least your kitty's heart was in the right place.


aerials_fml 0

Mousetraps? I would just get my clothes washed asap.

Fthatsuks 0

Or maybe the cat came back and ate it.

theice 0

it means in a weird way the cat loves u

Theatregeek788 0

blah XP thts gross good luck finding it(:

Ewwww! Gross! Hopefully your cat will find it again??

Why is a live rat worse than a dead rat?

Do you really need to ask that question? Use what little brainpower you have, and try and figure it out for yourself

Icalasari 0

Pet rats are ok, but wild rats could have any number of diseases. Combined with the fact that it is a HURT AND SCARED animal (which would mean bites and scratches from it which would, in turn, allow disease to get in easier) and the fact that rats are fairly intelligent and hardy, well...

def ew! I would now be freaked out! I hope you catch it! FYL

would you rather have a corpse of a dead rat in your room, or an alive animal with a few minor gashes? not to mention that the corpse would attract other bugs... maybe even a few other rats, and the other rats mate...... you see where I'm going...

dcfan44 0

aw thats sweet ur cat brought u a present my cat bill once caught a garden snake and brought it on our porch haha dont wrry your cat will hunt it down and take care of it but hopefully when he does he wont bring it 2 u on ur bed in the middle of the night while ur sleepin haha srry but that wud be so freakin funny

bob1124 0
Orchid_fml 2

straight up , cats are brutal .

thelonelylurker 0

Yea cats sometimes capture live prey, you should've known.

mandapanda93 0

to #4 what is she supposed to do, give her cat away?

bob1124 0

Yeah. Or release it into the wild. Or kill it humanely. It would kill her if it could. Cats are total assholes. Get a pet that actually likes you instead.

dcfan44 0

#7 stfu thr r laws against animal cruelty and it was just trying to be nice to her by bringin her a gift

bob1124 0

It's not cruelty to have it put down humanely or to give it to a shelter. And it's not being "nice" - it's just storing its prey somewhere else. Cats don't feel affection. They're evil little things. You should really only have a cat if you have a mouse/rat problem that can't be solved with traps.

It means shut the **** up. And I've never once had an evil, unaffectionate cat. Someone's defiantly a dog person. Or fish person. I hope you don't slip an ambien into your fish's water when they get boring.

Actually my cats bring my dead mice all the time. It's supposed to be there way of trying to take care of us. They see it as bringing food to their "parents."

Cats might not feel afection towards you, but don't go saying they don't feel afection at all. Because they do. When I was a little kid I grew up in a huge house in a huge neighborhood, and had a cat. He'd go anywhere with me, walked me to the bus stop when I had to go to school etc. And I didn't have anything to offer him besides my company. Actually, for them, hunting small animals and bringing them home is a way to show affection. He's giving you a present.

dcfan44 0

so shes gona have her cat put down because it was trying to be nice to her and cats are affectionit ive had my cat papa since he we found him as a kitten hes very lovable and gives me hugs like a human does hes kinda like a baby he meows when he wants attention and to be picked up so again stfu

I'm not sure if bob1124 is a complete asshole or a troll, but either way, much fail comes from him. It's not because all cats so far have hated his sorry psycho ass that it means cats hate everybody and should be put down. The cats are just too smart to get close to him. XD You'll see, I bet he also says women should be killed "humanely" because no woman wants to sleep with him. LOL

Icalasari 0

It is trying to impress its owners and make them happy by showing them its hunting skills Not quite affection, but not quite careless, either

bob1124 0

Actually, I was pushing more for the extermination of children. Little brats cry when I come near them. I just can't stay away from their tight little puckers though.

isamariscool 0

Why? Because she didn't want a dead rat on her clothes?

aww, that's nasty!!! thank god I live in Alberta, no rats! it's great.

Yatta_fml 0

Are you an idiot? Just because you may not see them doesn't mean they aren't there. Rats live all over the world, wherever humans are, rats are.

Actually, rats are quite important animals. They clean up after us.

Cinnabar 0

Actually, there really aren't rats in Alberta. Or if there are, practically none... this is by design, they have a very strict pest control program for them. Look it up, it's interesting.

alex_vik 0

And you couldn't just throw it out the window yourself?

lol maybe she didn't want to touch the rat. i wouldn't..

One_In_Three 24

Idiot, small nimble rodents which are capable of climbing shit are not easy to find.