By BackToRehab - 26/02/2011 21:53 - Canada

Today, I treated my mom to a movie and lunch after she'd attended weeks of AA meetings. She snuck in a flask to the movie, and during lunch, she started calling people muggles. FML
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Privations_fml 0

Someone's been drinking a bit too much butterbeer.

muggles: they're everywhere, tryin to steal my whiskey.


Privations_fml 0

Someone's been drinking a bit too much butterbeer.

Someone's flying too high on their broom.

Butterbeer has no alcohol. My guess would be Mead, which is alcoholic, and mentioned in HP. Please don't pay attention to the kid who spent his childhood reading HP and still remembers useless trivia like the previous statement.

10 your trying to make 1 look bad but u just look like a complete nerd giving useless fictional facts, get a life...

Privations_fml 3

Oh no, 13, I think 10 was referring to his own 'previous' comment :)

HingaHinga 0

10 - Actually, Butterbeer DOES have have a little bit of alcohol. Just not a whole lot. :)

ohh okay yeahh i think he totally was 16 :)

Bloody Hell, op! Do you wand to snitch or would that just start an unnecessary Quirrel between you too. If she's Lupin' back around to where she was before AA maybe... uh yeah I got nothin.(:

18 - Oh, ok. Now i don't feel that nerdy lol

SkateboardGirl88 11

Aaaaaaa more stupid puns how exciting :/

21 - Not bad of a pun there, it was quite magical.

Can anyone else see the two "of" before the AA?

Firewhisky is mentioned much more often than mead.

You know, #10, for the cleverest witch of your age, you can be a real dumbass. Oooh, ten points to Dumbledore!

rip off of a very potter musical tho nice :)

butterbeer DOES have alcohol. its just not strong enough to affect humans. remember winky the house elf got wasted from it in the 5th book?

calcetines 0

90, this is the internet. Our arguments, by deffinition, cannot be supported by fact and/or examples unless they can be found on wikipedia. Lern teh rulz of dah intarwebz! D=<<<

RaineDragon 0

Actually, it does have some. Not enough to make much of an issue for a human, but it was enough to get Winky the house elf drunk according to Dobby in Goblet of Fire.

lenamartinovic 13

#10 is not being a nerd! every harry potter fan should know the difference between such

There is a little bit alcohol in butterbeer #10 because in the fourth book Winky gets drunk from it

muggles: they're everywhere, tryin to steal my whiskey.

funnyFMLSplz 0

•puts on sunglasses• no. you fail

funnyFMLSplz 0

•puts on sunglasses• no. you fail

emodude44 0

Double post. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

Haha I'm guessing you watched Harry Potter?

ashtonTS 0 two are both ignorant jackasses. Get a life or go die. Either one will do the world a favor.

or maybe ashton you just need to lighten the **** up... i only live once so im gna do and say what please me and not listen about bitches like u :)

You, my friend, should try brushing up on your spelling. : /

Good point. If she were drunk, she'd have been seeing wizards everywhere.

osnapitzarii 0

So... your mum's Mad-Eye Moody?

she is !! and wow ginny your bloody beautiful!! O.o

I totally agree that she looks somewhat like Ginny.

I don't think Alastor would go around calling people muggles

Your moms an alcoholic. I also stated the obvious.

At least she didn't bring a wand and start "Expelliarmus!"ing people...

abbiesaprincess 0

lol I was waking around the mall doin that but i wasn't drunk lmao

calcetines 0

At least she didn't bring a gun and start avada kadavra-ing people...

*funny, i think my iPhone wanted some sort of stupid pun