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  Sisaac  |  0

Butterbeer has no alcohol. My guess would be Mead, which is alcoholic, and mentioned in HP. Please don't pay attention to the kid who spent his childhood reading HP and still remembers useless trivia like the previous statement.

  I_iz_B_a_troll  |  23

Bloody Hell, op! Do you wand to snitch or would that just start an unnecessary Quirrel between you too. If she's Lupin' back around to where she was before AA maybe... uh yeah I got nothin.(:

  iheart  |  0

butterbeer DOES have alcohol. its just not strong enough to affect humans. remember winky the house elf got wasted from it in the 5th book?

  calcetines  |  0

90, this is the internet. Our arguments, by deffinition, cannot be supported by fact and/or examples unless they can be found on wikipedia.

Lern teh rulz of dah intarwebz! D=<<<

  RaineDragon  |  0

Actually, it does have some. Not enough to make much of an issue for a human, but it was enough to get Winky the house elf drunk according to Dobby in Goblet of Fire.

  MrRawwr84  |  0

or maybe ashton you just need to lighten the fuck up... i only live once so im gna do and say what please me and not listen about bitches like u :)