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Today, I found out why my cell phone has been going missing every night for the last few months. My sister has been "borrowing" it so she can hold it against her crotch and repeatedly push the vibrate button. FML
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28 Wanna stop replying to the first comment? Thanks. :-)

that was a pretty legitimate response. someones got their panties In a bunch.

it's only against the rules if there reply has nothing to do with the comment they replied to, which it did so don't be a bitch

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However, it seems to be perfectly ok for anorexicbarbie to post two-character responses to a comment she (?) shouldn't be able to read given the apparent lack of most normal brain functionality. amirite?

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139- Hahah I agree<3 37- You're a stupid bitch.

hey I'm at the top of the list! but what does OP stand for?! and OP, that sucks

anorexicbarbie, you need a new hobby besides jumping on FML and being a complete tool. On a related note, this FML made me cringe a little.

Wow you're right 186, you've got me all figured out. You should like be a psychologist or something like that.

anorexicbarbie, "People sure are strange these days..." Oh yes, but your "Ha" and "Hm" comments were not strange at all. (hope you picked up the sarcasm.) And by telling her not to reply to the first comment makes you a hypocrite for doing the same thing.

oh I see what you did there you sneaky bastard

Im pickin up good vibrations, Shes giving me excitations, Good good good good vibrations!

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I can't find good signal down here guys :( no matter how much I move..

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c-c-c-c-c-combo breaker! lol and you lost the game!

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That would have excited her more.. (if it was on vibrate) :X

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I can't help but say #41 is really cute. ^ ^ btw, there's a lot of buzz going on w/ 1st comment

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Ahhhh... good clean family fun.

it's great when families can get together to share vibrators... I mean experiences.

IKR. I know a few 12-year-olds who think "damn" is a swear word and don't watch anything above "PG".

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I also know some 12 year olds who hooked up in middle school bathroom stalls and got knocked up!

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i also know a twelve year old called sockymcfrogz... Haha lmao

Actually it's quite common for twelve year olds to start masturbating.

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I know 40 something year olds that yell at me when I say crap, gay, that sucks, freaking or oh snap. they also happen to be bible thumpers.

I'll admit I'm almost 13 myself, and some girls are already drinking, vomiting, and having sex.

you can't vomit at twelve? I guess I was an early bloomer

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anyone remember that 11-or-12 year old kid in the UK that was a father?? It the news..I'm sure he's not the youngest father.

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I'm 15, and I know girls who are 12 year olds that are pregnant. And 11-12 is when most people start to **********.

Why did I thumbs up the 12 y/o who's pregnant comment?...

that's what makes her the epickest sister ever

that's what makes her the epickest sister ever

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Uhm, how do you know she's 12?

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81 What the hell does vomiting have to do with 12 doing bad stuff?

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81 What the hell does vomiting have to do with 12 doing bad stuff?

uh no that's. not something to " ew" at

That's old. The first time I vomited was when I was 1. Kind of a normal thing for babies. Those girls had some weird resistance to it.

I think that's supposed to mean vomiting on purpose. Like with bulimia.

1 ah 2 well at least she knows how to make herself happy 3 new phone time