By NotAnUglyBaby - 22/03/2016 22:40 - Mexico - C?rdoba

Today, while vacationing, a small boy asked to see the baby I was holding, wrapped in a blanket. I showed him, and his face reflexively scrunched up. The boy's mother came and apologized to me. Her face scrunched up too. FML
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All babies look like potatoes to me

How new of a baby is it? Because most newborns look like little aliens until are they a couple weeks old or so.


Such a douche. The mom too.

can't blame a kid that young because he just learned it from the mom which is why most disrespectful kids are the way they are today.

Not his fault OP has an ugly baby.

All babies look like potatoes to me

I like potatoes

We do not look like babies.

I don't know, that potato in your profile picture looks an awful lot like a newborn baby to me

Don't try to play games potato. We know you're a baby in disguise.

Yeah, potatoes and newborns are both delicious

How new of a baby is it? Because most newborns look like little aliens until are they a couple weeks old or so.

Even so, most people ignore that and seem to think the baby is cute anyway.

They don't really think so, they're just being polite. The little boy wasn't socially trained, so he had an honest reaction.

Ur own baby never looks ugly to yourself. But fact is most babies are not that cute.

Not all parents think their kids are the cutest. Everyone said my son was beautiful, I thought he looked like an ugly old man for months. My daughter was perfect though. Anxious to see what my third will look like in June in case I need to shop the maternity ward for a better looking one.

Lol it's normal for newborns to look like old men. It's because they are wrinkly.

All babies are beautiful!!! Those 2 are ugly on the inside!

Why are you holding a baby alive doll in a blanket?

Who said anything about baby alive dolls?

I don't find most babies cute. they just look weird to me

Must be a Tourette's kind of thing and the boy just inherited it.

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Probably an ugly baby, or maybe there was some left over bile on his face or something from puking.