By milf - 06/08/2012 01:10 - United States - Muncie

Today, I was changing my son's diaper when he said "Momma." Astonished that he'd finally spoken, I clapped and smiled proudly. My clap scared the crap out of him. Literally. FML
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The joys of parenthood and cleaning poop!

That's a pretty useful skill actually. Who needs laxatives when you can just clap your hands?


The joys of parenthood and cleaning poop!

You scare the crap out of me. No pun intended.

Well either she was putting on a new diaper or removing the old one so is it safe to say the crap landed in the new/old diaper?

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Lol! It happens! Great job lil man! It's always exciting when a baby starts to talk! Yay!

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Look at the bright side OP! You can tell this story at his wedding!

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This FML got me by surprise.! I just shat myself.

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So cute i wanna chew his face!

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Awww haha at least he pooped lol that's cute & funny haha

Sounds like you have a shitty situation on your hands. :D

starman02 12

Yes.. Cute & funny!.. Unless your the one cleaning it! :)

That's a pretty useful skill actually. Who needs laxatives when you can just clap your hands?

I dont think you'd want to show off that skill a whole lot

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"Everybody give a round of applause!" oh shit..

This part got me to laughing so hard I couldn't breathe!

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Not only has he said his first words, he has given you a funny story to tell everyone. 2 birds with one stone.

Sounds like a shi-- *stoned to death by the FML community* But hey, you were already changing his diaper, so it coulda been worse! And be happy his first word was "Momma"! Oh, and tell him about this when he's a teenager. It'll be funny to everyone...but him. He'll be embarresed.

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Aww, well at least he's finally learning to talk. :) Just think of this as an embarrassing story to tell his girlfriend(s) in about 15 years.

"Milf"? You mean, you want to **** yourself? I don't know if this is disturbing or what.... Well, that aside, that makes for an awesome embarassing childhood story.

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Or she just knows how hot she is hah.

If ten years down the line you notice that your son has a strange fear of clapping, you'll know why....

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Awwww poor baby that's funny haha hey now ya got a good story to tell at his wedding or whenever haha:)

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No need to comment twice...

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Sorry I was tryin to edit my other comment to say what I said in this comment but it didn't let me haha

What if she had two separate ideas and didn't think of the second one during the two minute editing period? Sorry, 14, I didn't see your comment! I feel like a clairvoyant now!

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15- yes thank you!& it's alright! haha

well that's a FML and a YDI , fml because that would suck to get shit on and YDI for making him shit in the first place lol.

Read and understand the FML before posting your in-depth analysis. To avoid any confusion, no where in the post does it say the mother was shit on.

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And I don't think you can MAKE a baby shit... It just scared the hell out of him