By Motherly Love - United States
Today, I was at the airport to pick up my mother since my baby is due soon. As she arrived, I smiled wide and opened my arms for a hug, but she walked right by me. Apparently, being pregnant makes me unrecognizable. My husband and I had to tell it her was me, her own daughter. FML
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Congrats, Op. But do you never talk to your mother on fb or send each other pictures?
I understand not everyone has the luxuries of these things but if I never had the opportunity to see my mother I'd figure out ways to communicate with her besides phone calls.
If she has Alzheimer's then I'm sorry. :(

By  kenjames  |  4

Where was your husband? Surely she would have recognized you if he was with you. But then again women's faces don't change much and maybe she doesn't like you.