By Motherly Love - 14/08/2011 10:34 - United States

Today, I was at the airport to pick up my mother since my baby is due soon. As she arrived, I smiled wide and opened my arms for a hug, but she walked right by me. Apparently, being pregnant makes me unrecognizable. My husband and I had to tell it her was me, her own daughter. FML
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Congratulations on the baby :)

rorobear6 7

Worlds greatest mom (: haha, congrats on the baby.


Number 1 mom

this makes me smile :)

kenjames 4

Cookies make me smile.

Congratulations on the baby :)

you should hijack a plane to get over it haha . I hear Norway love shit hehe

You don't make any sence.. Stfu and go die in a corner will you? Kthnxby

WTF? Wasn't talking to you .. You were probably bullied as a kid and are now tryin to compensate by being a keyboard cowboy ...

LiveLaughFML 10

well OP, that's what happens when you get a pixie cut and your body resembles a snowman.

And congratulations to you on wanting to join the Navy!

Ummm that's another FML cuz that's pretty random

Pixxio_O 11

So she couldn't even recognise your husband who was standing right next to you... Or was he pregnant too?

RainbowHeadache 2

Congrats, Op. But do you never talk to your mother on fb or send each other pictures? I understand not everyone has the luxuries of these things but if I never had the opportunity to see my mother I'd figure out ways to communicate with her besides phone calls. If she has Alzheimer's then I'm sorry. :(

Don't be so hard on yourself OP. Momma probably didn't recognize you without your teeth.

RainbowHeadache 2

^ my point to that was her mom would probably recognize her better if she knew what she currently looked like before coming to see her.

rorobear6 7

Worlds greatest mom (: haha, congrats on the baby.

lilcec76 0

Rorobear6 are you from troy ohio?????

kiaralove53 0

Even if you did gain weight she should still be able to recognize you. This is more of a FHL.

Please stop commenting.

Lichinamo 33

It's not weight, it's the God damn baby living inside her :/

iluhyahh 0

Awe, :/ I'm sorry.

kenjames 4

Where was your husband? Surely she would have recognized you if he was with you. But then again women's faces don't change much and maybe she doesn't like you.

mdizzl 6

haha that sucks :/ but congrats on the baby!! :)

Worlds best grandma

That must be her way of telling you she doesn't approve of the pregnancy.

Your having a baby tomorrow why does that matter, congrats :)

I never knew "soon" meant "tomorrow"

If she was that close wouldn't she resting