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Today, I was driving to work and I got a text from my girlfriend. She said she was breaking up with me. I was a little heartbroken, but I had to get on with my day. I got to work and my boss fired me. Turns out, my boss and girlfriend have been having an affair and she told him to fire me. FML
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Wow today is not your day, but I'm pretty sure that is not legal.

Go to HR. If he had no other reason than your ex telling him to fire you, go to HR.


Wow today is not your day, but I'm pretty sure that is not legal.

Well I don't knowhow it works on Canada, but in the US, some states are "At Will" employment, meaning the employee or the employer can terminate employment at any time for any or no reason, even in unionized workplaces.

Yeah, in California it's illegal. I don't know the exact law or penal code but it's illegal for sure

If it's a right to hire/fire state, then it's totally legal. However, if you fire someone without write ups and such, then they can file for unemployment and get money. Canada is probably similar.

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Canada has no at will provinces or anything like that so OP can sue for wrongful termination

Canada is not at will, you need a legitimate reason to fire someone as long as they are past the training/trial period which is usually about 3 months. The employer could say he fired the OP for another reason, however, even if he does claim this, it can still be called into question and brought to court because with the affair, he had bias and a possible ulterior motive for the firing.

Go to HR. If he had no other reason than your ex telling him to fire you, go to HR.

Especially if you have some documented evidence (i.e. text messages or e-mails from said ex or boss).

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Wrongful termination you will get unemployment for that. They can fire at will in most state, but they still gotta pay if they give you no good reason.

Good point. But definitely illegal since this is in Canada and there is no "at will" past the probationary period.

Go to HR, get your boss demoted/fired, get yourself a fancy promotion & smugly drive past your ex's house

I agree with 1 that doesn't sound legal and you could sue

Please don't read your phone while driving

OP could have his phone paired to his car or have a hands free device that will read texts aloud. My wife has one.

Maybe OP pulled over? Or he was stuck in traffic?

Stuck in traffic is still driving. That may be one of the moments that you need to pay attention the most.

Private stuff is not enough to fire someone (you didn't do anything wrong in your job as far as we know)

Are you familiar with at will employment? It means firing someone is legal as long as it's not illegal discrimination, based on something like race or nationality.

@24 true, but OP is from Canada so at-will is not a thing. This is definitely illegal, and OP should try to get some compensation out of it.

24- Are you familiar with the fact that Canada is not inside of the United States?

I wouldn't want to work for someone that boned my gf, so you got rid of two bad people in your life in one day. FYL, but do tell the boss's wife (I assume he has one since you said 'affair') before you move forward to a better life.

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Definitely lay the biggest lawsuit on your bosses company you can! He will be fired once the facts come to light. As a criminal justice/law major you have full right to sue. I bet you even have messages from her proving why he fired you. And if he came right out and told you that's why you are golden. Plus you'll be pretty rich by the time it over

I'd think a law major would realize that if OP lives in an at will employment state, he has no legal basis under which to sue.

I'd think you can read that the OP lives in Canada.

To be fair, #25 might be in the same situation I'm in - I am on my mobile and can only see the user name and date, no other information.

I'm on my phone and can see country and everything just fine. Are you not using the app? ._.

If you're using the app then It's not working right for you, I use the app all the time and I can see the country/province/state the Op posted from.

Ever since the last update I haven't been able to see gender or location. I think it depends on which OS or something...

She cannot legally do that. You can take her to court for it, I'm pretty sure. It's the same as if she walked INTO your work and badmouthed you enough to get you fired. Bitch.