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Today, while waiting in line at a store, a toddler behind me was throwing a major meltdown while his father yelled at him, giving me a migraine. I turned to the woman behind me and said, "Can you believe this kid? I feel sorry for his mother." Turns out the woman was his mother. FML
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flashback.miss 28

the mother was probably embarrassed and distressed. hopefully it's not a daily occurrence.


Hunthas 17

the same thing happened to me but with raccoons :( fyl indeed!

To be fair, there is nothing in the original FML that rules out raccoons.

I've seen this comment before. Pretty sure it's just a meme/trolling strategy of some sort.

flashback.miss 28

the mother was probably embarrassed and distressed. hopefully it's not a daily occurrence.

At least once in their life a kid is going to chuck a tantrum that will burst eardrums, no parents would be thrilled about being looked at or talked about over it. If you try and calm the child nicely then people say "the kid needs a flogging" and if you smack the kid then the stares you got before become twice as bad. No parent can win in this situation, your a dick OP and I hope your child chucks a paddy in the shops so you understand

You know, I can never get over your profile picture

If both parents were present then I'm sorry but the mom and dad deserve the embarrassment. The proper thing to do would not be for dad to stand there yelling at the kid throwing the tantrum. The proper thing would be for either mom or dad to pick up the little brat and take his whiny ass to the car and have the other stay to pay for stuff.. You don't have to yell or swat the kid in front of everyone. Just remove them from the store so that not everyone has to suffer listening to your kid being a brat.

85, exactly! But they probably don't discipline the kid very well at home or they would know what to do.

103- My oldest son knows when I'm angry because I can give him a simple look and he'll stop whatever he's doing that he knows is making me angry. When we go to the store he acts up because he has realized that I won't swat his butt there. It doesn't matter how you discipline them at home to "know" what to do in those situations. Everyone has a different approach to parenting and none of them are right or wrong. Don't judge someone else's parenting when you don't even know them. OP, next time just keep your thoughts to yourself. At least you don't have to go home with them.

I have to agree with parts of everyone's. If possible a second parent could remove the child from the store, but the child needs to be told why before leaving. Kids go through the test the parents phase, some call it terrible twos although my child's has lasted longer than the twos so I don't like that title. A parent is darned if they do and if they don't, but a parent reaches a point of not caring what others think and do what needs to be done. Many times I've found a corner in a store or popped a hand/ hiney. OP it's your fault for opening your mouth to gossip in the first place.

I actually agree with you. If they weren't able to get him to stop without yelling, spanking, etc., then they should take him out to the car and spank him there.

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GiovanniPaisa 8

Agreed. OP could have just listened to music.( assuming OP had a ipod or phone with him/her)

Speaking as someone with chronic migraine, headphones + music + migraine = terrible idea.

I feel like people overuse the word migraine. This case especially.

#57, your feeling is correct. Most people don't know that migraine is actually a condition of which headaches are a symptom. Though a lot of people have migraine most people merely have headaches.

toomanyidiots 14

I don't know about you, 57, but children do make me nauseous! (And inflict head pain.)

*nauseated It's the children who are nauseous, inflicting nausea to anyone around them.

toomanyidiots 14

74: nau·seous adjective 1. affected with nausea; inclined to vomit. ?

81, I feel like you made your username just for that comment.

Once they find out its the kids mother, the next response would be, then you know how I feel.

hotPinklipstick 24

Don't feel too bad OP. I'm sure the other people in queue were thinking the same thing.

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Somebody is taking #4's comment way too personally....

Those parents deserve to be judged. If both were there, one should have removed the child from the store so the other could pay. No reason for your sick/hungry/tired kid to give others a headache when you can easily remove him from the situation. OP just said what doubtless numerous were thinking, and what shouldn't have been an issue to begin with.

#94 that's responsible parenting and empathizing with others. Take that logical shit elsewhere here in America we reward our kids for complete shitheads and never discipline or remove them for acting up because that would "hurt their creativity."

While I agree one parent could have taken the child out to the car I do have to defend the parents here too. They might not have thought to do that, want their child to learn patience, or just didn't really care what others thought of their technique. I had a lady tell me in a store one to let my screaming daughter to just ride in the basket like she wanted. I told her that I want my child to understand when I say no I mean it and to back off. Every parent is different just like every child.

As a parent myself my younger one likes to pull the tantrum shit on me. Last time she did it in public I asked if she's supposed to behave that way she said no. I asked if she was going to stop I was told "I don't want to" so I told her then I don't want to be seen in public with you and walked away. She cut the shit pretty quick caught up to me and said "I'm sorry mommy I won't do it again don't leave me." haven't had a fit with her out since and while I don't mind someone's opinion expressed like OP the bitch that tried to tell me I'm a bad mother was a WHOLE different story, my usual response of "You want to do better raise her yourself or shut the **** up" applied.

The parents really should have taught their child to behave a bit better in public.

You've never spent a lot of time around toddlers, have you?

cantik20 5

It's a toddler, ... Maybe you can teach him, and we can call you " Toddler whispers"

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1PersonIsMyWorld 22

not sure why 6 is being downvoted. 48 gas the right idea. its called discipline people and not having bratty kids!

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1PersonIsMyWorld 22

no 108 you got it wrong. its not necessarily hitting the kid but forming that respectful core so they dont act up. parenting isn't all physical. .mostly mental and emotional.

Oh, good gravy. I KNEW this thread would turn into a damned corporal punishment debate.

Lili_love 14

thats the right kinda parenting, 48

that not à big sure your life is not effed, and how could you not réalisé they we're together....and why would you talk to à stranger about another stranger...Anyway that à ydi right there

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When a child reaches the toddler stage the parents should have started teaching them right from wrong.... Screaming hissy fits normally go in to the wrong category. It's not ok to scream bloody murder to try and get your own way.

12- how do you expect them to teach the child that if the child never throws a tantrum in their life...?

you dont know what that kid stuggles with but i bet you could train the autism out of any kid. dad was clearly trying to get the kid to stop but had had his limit. glad you feel worthy of judging

Teaching public behavior is a long process-- it does take a while for the child to learn. The parents could well be in the process of doing this. Granted, if both parents were there, one should've stayed in line while the other took the kid outside. But still, crying toddlers is one of those things in life you just have to accept.

OP said, "Can you believe this kid?" like he expects a toddler to behave like an adult. Toddlers throw tantrums because they're too immature to know any better, so what OP said was silly. That's what I was trying to say.

buttcramp 21

my daughter is only one year old so I haven't had this problem yet but there are tons of ways to avoid or calm tantrums. some work, some don't. every child is different and the last thing people need to do is interfere with someone's parenting or gossip about it. the parents already know they didn't win this one.. really rude of you OP.

#21 I agree with you 100% because you just can't control a baby's emotions, because kids' and babies' emotions are like traffic or the weather you just can't control them !!!

Stumphumper 0

Thank you for stating that. I have an autistic child and you never know when they will become overstimulated.

buttcramp 21

even children without a diagnosis on the autism spectrum become overstimulated sometimes. the bright lights and cold temperature in the grocery store suck and on top of that the child asks for something and the answer is no.. it's hard being a kid sometimes! kids still deserve respect and their thoughts/feelings acknowledged.

I know how awful it is to be in front of a kid having a meltdown (especially when it's inducing a migraine in you and probably others), but you maybe should have just gnashed your teeth and borne it. Hopefully the mom has a sense of humor.

She probably feels sorry for his mother too.