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By  Tripartita  |  44

So your friend just happened to have a story about somebody whose little death turned into the big one, and they were complaining about you grieving for your dog?! Man, they missed an opportunity for a much more interesting conversation!

Good riddance.


It's hard losing a dog. I've lost dogs that I had for ages and dogs I had for a mere week (the poor pup got into some rat poison that we didn't think she could reach and it killed her because she was still a small puppy) and they all hurt so bad because most people's dogs are so important to them because they are like family. I'm so sorry for your loss OP.

By  MandySkittles  |  18

Not much of a friend, especially when you're grieving. It doesn't matter if it was 'just' a dog, loss is loss. Losing a pet can be like losing a piece of yourself too, and I'm sorry your 'friend' doesn't understand that. Take some time to yourself, celebrate the experiences you and your doggy shared and take it easy for a while! It hurts so bad at first, but it does get better. Best wishes to you!

By  ulissey_fml  |  22

It is well known that insults, slanders, gossips and slurs mostly reflect the deepest darkest fantasies inside the mind of the person who utters them . Just saying.

By  MGC501  |  13

Did just just call him a friend? I hope you meant he WAS your friend? Noone that says these kinds of things is a true friend OP, you deserve better.