By Anonymous - 23/04/2015 13:16 - United States - Cherry Hill

Today, my boyfriend told me he traded nude pictures I sent him for a costume piece in an internet game. He told me I should be okay with this, because, "It's a rare piece." FML
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Trade his computer for something nice

You should be the only rare piece he needs


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well it comes with the risk of sending nudes, though that's not cool. FYL

You should be able to trust your significant other not to distribute any nudes you send them.

21: You should be able to trust them, but from what I've seen as soon as you two are no longer are together they seem to float around. The idea that someone could share something this personal is despicable.

It could also be that he took them without her knowledge. That's what my ex would do. He sent then to his 70 year old bootleg cab driver for free rides. His excuse when I found out was "I didn't think you would mind." It's disgusting and disrespectful and I hope OP broke it off with him but not before deleting every photo of herself from every phone, camera, tablet, computer, etc. he might have.

I'm sorry for what your boyfriend did. That truly is horrible. However, I would like to point out that the FML says "nude pictures I sent him" so they weren't taken without her permission. Not that that makes what happened any less deplorable.

Whoops, you're right I got hit with some feels and it clouded my perception. It just reminded me of what I went through recently. I still stand by the end of my comment.

there is no privacy when it comes to sending anything, especially nudes! A basic rule of thumb is, if you dont want your father looking at it, don't take the photo! A boyfriend is as changeable as your bed sheets, domt trust him with something so private. I gotta go a little bit ydi, but I still feel for ya.

In the UK it is now illegal to send nude pics of another person like that. You can go to prison for it.

If you think that any boyfriend you get is as changeable as bed sheets then I feel bad for any guy you date.

comment posted by mistake. deleted.

Trade his computer for something nice

like a new boyfriend?

That's how you get killed. Atleast if you were with me ;)

Atleast the hard drive. I wouldent sell the hard drive to my worst enemy. Do you know how long it takes to get your stuff back? Nudes only take a second to do. That takes maybe even years.

@99 @101 You realize that though a nude photograph can be taken in seconds, it can take a lifetime to live down, can destroy a public reputation, potentially ruin any career opportunity, not to mention the danger of having your intimate parts exposed to all of the world's creepers, and the fact that someone you trusted betrayed you.

nameisname 12

I agree. My girlfriend threw my Alienware computer because I didn't compliment her about her new dress. So what did I do you may ask I burned all her cloths and hid my credit card so she can't buy more (she doesn't have a job)

If your willing to send a photograph on the Internet you should make sure you wouldent care who saw it no matter what.

@107 You did the right thing :p

108, why are you assuming it was online as opposed to a private message?

A private message is online. If it uses internet, it's online.

@109 so it's acceptable when it's a guy getting back at his girlfriend for his computer, but not when its a girl for her boyfriend giving other people nude pictures of her? What is different about this scenario to you? I agree that guy was partially justified, but at least it's not something that has the potential to hurt him for the rest of his life.

It was her fault she made nudes. Messing up a computer is worse than a freakin picture on the Internet. If I was the guy though I would've gotten a random nude off the Internet and gaven it for the stuff. @123 and also a hard drive loss can mess you up way more than a PICTURE.

@130, I'm guessing you're single?

@130 so getting back every single possible copy of the photos is easily done within seconds? You seem not to have an idea of the vast size of the WORLD WIDE web plus don't forget the deep web as well. Once something is made public, it has the possibility of replicating and spreading faster than you could imagine.

Yes, I proudly am @145

Who cares about getting it back? Computers are more important. @168

120,121, Uh, k. I know the difference between off and online. Why would you give me this information? And why didn't you address the question I asked you, what if she send them to her boyfriend via OFFLINE photo messages?

#107 You two assholes sound like you deserve each other. Please don't ever bring kids into that angry house.

Break up with him. and sue

It'd probably get thrown out because she gave him the pictures in the first place. He didn't take them illegally. And as long as she's not underage, distribution isn't illegal either. Just a dick move. And that's why you shouldn't take nudes. That and the cloud.

Of course the two solutions to everything on fml

The first one is appropriate and a great idea, and the second one would be also if it was legal. Sharing nudes that were not meant to be shared is a evil and disgusting thing to do. I can't see how she could ever trust him enough again to stay in the relationship.

Beat me to it!

That's not true. If she took the photos herself she can actually sue him for violating copyright law (because for some insane reason leaking someone else's nude photos isn't a specific crime in itself in some states). Moreover, if the photos are posted for the public and she is told to pay money to take them down, that's a form of extortion. The guy who ran one of the largest websites of revenge porn thankfully just went in for 12 years for this.

Much as I hate people suggesting sueing for everything there probably is some sort of case she would have. Certainly in the UK distributing porn without the permission of the people in them is illegal - it's called revenge porn. Even if it is not specifically illegal in the US there would almost certainly be some sort of sexual harassment case to be made. Also in a lot of cases verbal contracts can be taken as binding and she could argue that the relationship was some sort of contract which involved trust which in turn involves not sharing porn of each other. I'm not saying she should absolutely take him to court but if it is serious enough and she feels he deserves to be punished for this then I would think a good lawyer could successfully argue her case. People have won with far more sketchier cases.

Sexual harassment isn't actually specifically illegal, unless something like a business or a school makes a policy about it

That's awful!

I want to know what the rare item was before I say it's awful

That's an asshole move...

Tear his "rare piece" to shreds then dump him.

orsombre_fml 11

Why "move"? He is an asshole!

Novadi 22

Why would someone trade a "rare piece" for nudes of someone they most likely don't know? There's free websites for that.

I also want to know how the other person knew he had the pictures? It sounds like it's the first thing he thought to offer up for an exchange and that he's the one that mentioned it. And as someone else mentioned, he could've taken a naked picture off the internet and sent that instead. There's just so many things wrong about this situation and what the boyfriend did!

He doesn't seem to understand that sharing your naked body with others is completely disrespectful. Try to explain it to him, otherwise don't let him have any more naked pictures of you

Or naked views in person, either.

Badkarma4u 17

Why are you assuming he doesnt understand? I doubt her boyfriend is 3. He knew exactly what he was doing and he did it anyway to get what he wanted.

Some people are genuinely that clueless. But I wasn't making any assumptions, which is why I mentioned that's what it "seems" to be. But anyway, not the point. If he knows that it's disrespectful then OP deserves better

Even if he somehow doesn't know better, which is highly unlikely, she still deserves better

orsombre_fml 11

He'd understand better with a tour in jail.

dick move. wipe his computer and delete whatever you can from the game then dump his ass

this is one time where i believe in revenge.

You should be the only rare piece he needs

91hayek 31

Drake is that you?

Delete the account when he's not looking or drop the "piece " on the ground since it's you're body that was exploited to get it

Fuck that, he should give her the piece!

katakol 6

If it's the game I'm thinking of his account can't be deleted and neither can the piece.