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Solution: Paper bag!

Now that is something I am truely jealous of!


Solution: Paper bag!

Babies probably aren't the only things that think ur ugly.

lol @6. (: and lmFAo at the double take that baby did before screaming! HI-larious.

You definately need to stop smiling to babies, every time u smile a baby goes psycho and stabs a puppy to death in front of its mother.

HAHAHA.. not funny 

haha youbpoor bastard

oops im on my ipod forgive the spelling

LOL at 26. That would really hurt more if the OP is planning to become a babysitter. Then again, he can use it to his advantage.

You should pumch the next baby you see!

ummmmm... that's illegal.

babies always do that to me, but they smile and laugh instead of gasp and scream

I would pay to have a face that scares babies!

resting bitch face?

suck for u first

Hehe. NOT first. And please stop trying to advertise it--everybody's fed up of spam like that.

ydi for being a witch!

ydi for being ugly! actually no. you didn't make your face ugly, your parents did. so fyl. waaaaait. it could be your fault if you had nasty teeth if you didn't brush; greasy hair if you didn't wash it; and acne if you don't take care of it. so ydi again. ps I just pictured a teenage hills have eyes charcter for some reason...

Now that is something I am truely jealous of!

you scared my baby today shame on you and your ugly face put a paper bag over your face now my baby is scared for life by your uglyness haha

I wish people would type coherently on this site...

caution keep away from young children

You need a plastic bag.

Why plastic? Only time I would hear people using plastic is if a condom broke and that was your last alternative!

he means that she suffocate and die in the plastic bag.

@31: paper bag condoms are used to hide the scary head

epic win!!!!!

wow that's funny...

u ulgy mother fuker!

haha...poor babies :(

Are you by any chance bald? Because many babies are terrified of bald people.

Babies have apparently been known to be critical of a person's looks and will sometimes respond more positively to someone they find attractive. FYL OP.