By Blamethepostman - 16/09/2016 15:10

Today, I bought stamps to send a letter. For some unknown reason, instead of putting the stamp on the letter, I posted the letter and the stamp booklet into the postbox. FML
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*opening postbox* "Another round, on me!" "Put down the stamp book. Nobody wants a round of free letters. We've talked about this, and that's not how people celebrate." "…"

The struggle is real


The horse's name is Wednesday.

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That's nice and how do you think Wednesday would resolve the conflict in Syria? Just to be relevant.... to the world! To this FML? Not so much.

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No, the horse's name is Friday

The struggle is real

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Does anyone remember that Pickles comic Opal took Muffin the cat to the mailbox along with the letter, only to come back with letter?

What an unusual post. Ok, sorry everyone

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I stamped a like on your comment.

Hopefully the postie will see the book of stamps along with the stampless letter and figure it out

Yeahhhhhh... they won't.

*opening postbox* "Another round, on me!" "Put down the stamp book. Nobody wants a round of free letters. We've talked about this, and that's not how people celebrate." "…"

I hate when that happens!

cootiequeen4444 11

So... was your book of stamps taken or do just feel dumb? And was your letter time sensitive? Is that what makes this fml worthy?Overall, this seems like a pretty tame FML. If it makes you feel better. I've done stupider things. Like doing the "the ceiling" joke response to "what's up?" when outside, thrown an entire roll of toilet paper into the toilet instead of putting it on the TP holder, and have run full speed into an OPEN door giving myself a huge egg on my forehead for example. And all at an age that I will not publicly admit. So dont feel bad as stupidity is fairly common within nearly everyone, whether they'd admit it or not. Which is kind of frightening when you think about it. I sometimes feel like the human race as a whole really needs to get its shit together.

They put the entire thing of stamps in a mailbox. The FML here (besides the derp moment) is that it wasn't just a personal mailbox where they could just get it back out, but one of those locked barrels or whatever you want to call them that are specifically for putting letters to be delivered.

Plot twist: the post man/woman keeps up your book of stamps and takes it home to where they have a collection of random "discarded" stamp books. And each one is labeled with the post box number and location. And he makes up a little story about each one and how it came to be there. "One bright and sunny day, a book of flowery stamps decided to travel the world. It set off on its journey at post box #328. It was dark inside but full of life meeting the other happy stamps affixed to letters setting out on their journeys..."

LittleLittlered7 6

Is it possible to call the list office and describe what happened? I'm sure that's happened before