By bitchimgay - 22/07/2012 16:48 - Canada - Montreal

Today, I went to my local coffee shop. I soon witnessed the girl making my drink apparently dislodge a wedgie from her ass-crack and then sneeze into her hands. When I confronted her, she loudly accused me of "visually molesting" her. FML
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9- Your thoughts were actually, "that, is disgusting."

WTF!? She's accusing you? She's the one who dug her hand in her pants right in front of you to pull her panties out of her ass!

26 my thought was initially what the ****, but someone already said that. Afterward that is disgusting came to mind.

She has the worst case of wishful thinking I've ever heard of.

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26-Stop visually molesting 9

The sad part is, I'm not even surprised that something as absurd as "visual molestation" could be accused of someone in this day in age. People today are so ******* uptight and paranoid about sexual abuse, so much so that even looking at someone the wrong way is one step short of being illegal. It's just ******* disgusting, the absurdity of it all.

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Well I hope you either asked for a refund if you already paid or if you didn't pay first I hope you left

And then you bitch slapped her for being a moron right? -.- Not only is she a unhygienic pig, but she seems to also be a rude ****.

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9- Your thoughts were actually, "That, is disgusting."

Like no way! I could have never figured it out on my own. Thanks for the help, Captain Obvious!

I know. A manager needs to be spoken to.

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I visually molest my baristas all the time too.. They don't mind it though.

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Reminds me of hall I took mental photos as well


Reminds me of the lady with the cold sore

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Haha does anyone else notice OP name was "bitchimgay" ?

I hope she wasn't handling your order.... Btw love the name XD

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Um.. Baristas don't exactly touch the coffee, how could her germs get into your drink?

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OP's name sounds like something the based god would say.

#40, A barista behaving like this is a health hazard. Butt = E. coli, to name one.

#40, Oh, and don't forget the sneezing into hand. And this is what she is doing in front of one customer. Wouldn't trust her hygiene with any food/containers.

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That's nasty, but at least you saw what happened, so now you know not to drink the coffee. If she won't make you another one after she washes her hands, then you should see if someone else can make it for you or talk to a manager.

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Where do you think the "crema" comes from?

From the the front, obviously. Starbucks has its own milking plant that forces people to... You know and ship the product as conveniently labeled "dairy cream".

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1) Find empty cup 2) Go to bathroom 3) Take shite in cup 4) Throw cup full of shite at her 5) Run

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Yup, that should solve everything.

Actually, 23, I have indeed. It didn't end up well either. I was charged with disorderly conduct, assault, battery, and domestic terrorism. Apparently, the glowing green stuff in my feces was "radioactive" and could have "seriously hurt" somebody.

Monkey rules dictate throwing your own poo everywhere fixes any problem.

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You had radioactive substances in your poo? Dafuq did you eat?

Visually raped, huh? Every guy is In trouble when it comes to going to the beach.

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no, not visually raped, visually molest. where did you learn to read again?

That's why you use sunglasses! Dont get caught looking upon a chick she'll go bonkers