By mitchellcrawford - 31/05/2016 18:05 - United States - San Francisco

Today, after seeing a cute girl on the bus, I tried to look cool by flipping my hair, only to smack the side of my head into the bus window. FML
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*reads "tried to look cool..."* *instantly hits YDI 4972 times* Never mind the fact that you think hair flipping would make you look cool.

Flicking hair is a girl's move, not a man's move


Not only is your head damaged, but so is your ego! Double win!

Flicking hair is a girl's move, not a man's move

OP could be a girl. The username isn't always correct ya know.

rldostie 19

OP could be a girl. If a man has a great head of long hair, it still can be hot and I'm going to notice because it's pretty hair and an unexpected move. Don't assume everyone feels the need to conform to such struck gender stereotypes.

#2 found the sexist homophobic trash. Good old societal gender norms. If you've ever seen Fabio, he has shoulder length or longer hair and flips it and plenty of women go wild. Virgins are so jealous....they've never taken a risk to flirt with a potential mate. Like it or not, society is slowly evolving awwy from archaic trash thoughts. Once the planarians holding it back die off, we can speed it ip.

I disagree, flipping hair can be a girl thing but it can also definitely be a guy thing too! ;)

*reads "tried to look cool..."* *instantly hits YDI 4972 times* Never mind the fact that you think hair flipping would make you look cool.

M3DO 24

Holy shit I haven't seen you in a while

DocBastard is that really you? Welcome back!

Dont mind the trash virgins OP. FYL, not YDI. What do the geniuses say if you try to show off but nothing bad happens? It's all luck. Karma doesn't apply here. You get a SO by taking a bit of a risk. Animals impress mates, and you'd have to be stupid to not know we are animals too. It's actually normal behavior to show off to a reasonable degree. Poor bastard is just jealous that the girl OP was after is probably 10x hotter than what he pulls. Look at Fabio, case closed. You can be a muscled guy with long pretty hair and attract women. It's a sign of being secure in your masculinity and sexuality to not conform. Of course you can't tell old people that. They were raised wrong and are stuck in their ways.

Yeah, everyone wants Fabio's repressed middle age house wives reading romance novels to escape reality.

I concur. Every time I read something like "thinking I would look cool," or "trying to impress," I always go with YDI.

I think I'll take the opportunity to remind everyone that we were all young and stupid once, and for the twat who said "flicking hair is a woman's move" I'd like to remind you that lesbians exist!

Given OP's user name, I'm going to assume this is a guy. Either way, "trying to look cool" usually ends up with you looking like a doofus. If you see someone you think is cute, a smile is probably best. Maybe say hi.

dannidoll93 24

Where does it say anywhere that the OP is a man? And even if s/he is a dude, guys can rock a hair flick- some girls are into that on longer-haired guys. So much judgement so quickly!

rldostie 19

Agreed. A man with a good head of hair and rock it and be hot as hell.

It looks like this is an unpopular opinion based on the down votes, but I also enjoy a man with some luscious locks.

There's always the possibility of a sympathy date. Let's hope she's the type that loves taking care of injured animals.

FalloutScrolls 25

"I tried to look cool..." I love this line. Chances of actually being cool plummet into single digits.

At least you made her laugh. That's something, right?

What ever happened to the whole, "Hey, how you doing?' approach? I know it's easy to look stupid if you stutter your way through trying to pick a girl up, but we all see what happens when you take the alternative approach. Plus, if you talk to her, even if you stutter your way through it and fail miserably, at least you have a little more experience for next time. Practice makes perfect.

NoThanks999 19

(You) *sees cute girl with long hair* "I can flip my hair too, bitch." *attempts* ejdbbduehsbdkdidh "BITCH" jekdbevdish *fights window*

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