By soapy - 01/10/2011 16:08 - Canada

Today, while taking a shower, my back hair caused so much friction against the bar of soap, it stuck for a good second before coming free. FML
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Shower more often u dirty gorilla

Hey, I bet it keeps you warm in winter though..


Shower more often u dirty gorilla

LiveLaughFML 10

when your hair is in comparison to Chewbacca's, that's when you realize you need to purchase a shaver and cream.

Yeah wax that shit man

Or a reeeeaaalllyyy good friend to buzzcut your back hair.

Your soap seems electric.

Seems to me your bringing sexy back.

number 1 its not about him being dirty its about having a hairy back

mercurieangel 0

When I read this I thought of that movie 40 year old virgin! Haha ahhhhhhhh kelly clarksen!

He could get it waxed to look like a Man-o-lantern! Halloween isn't that far away.

Consider using body wash!

MizzErikaHart 8

Use a loufa

I think a waxing is needed; not shaving..

dcg1375 7

Think about her fingers. Shave!

Last time I checked, girls didn't have back hair long enough for soap to get stuck in. Pretty sure this is a dude.

Dont worry OP my back hair is so bad there's a small Cuban family living in there

marpay 11

I think 2 was talking about the lady loves fingers but I could be mistaken. Op they make these things so you can reach your back and shave it.

dcg1375 7

Think about her fingers meaning a girls fingers getting caught in OPs back hair. Not that OP is a girl. Wow.

dcg1375 7

Thank you 24. Intelligence.

SneezyC 15

Actually .. I have friends who are girls who have pretty long back hair..... Ofcourse of then is Cuban .. But the other isn't. Maybe their hair isn't so long soap gets stuck in it but.. It's pretty long ..

17 - You never know, OP could be a girl. You'd think she wouldn't have bad back hair but it's possible. Just use the bearded lady for example: Women usually don't have beards (and even if they have some facial hair, they usually shave it) yet she has a looong beard... On the other hand, OP PLEASE be a guy cuz if you are a'll never get one unless you shave

Hey, I bet it keeps you warm in winter though..

Woah! A whole second?! *claps*

I like how your picture is of your shaved back it's like your showing him what he should look like hahaha!!

rexgar2000 10

I'm pretty sure his back is not shaved, some guys like myself dnt grow that much hair in our backs it's like we dnt have hair there at all. just saying

I just meant it wasn't excessively hairy. : )

Yeh my back is not shaved, most men are hairier on the front (I know I am) but as you get older the back catches up - since that pic was taken it's got a little bit wispy over the shoulders :-/

Georgieeporgiee 9

Reminds me of when my friends shaved each others but cracks...

Not sure if serious..

Your friends shaved each others buttcracks? You can take the girl out of Norfolk... :-p

Georgieeporgiee 9

Yeah Im serious:L And Norfolks lush!:)

It's a sign that you need to shave

Can one shave their own back hairs? Seems a hard to reach place. Maybe a cute lady friend in the shower might come in handy, if she doesn't mind doing it for the OP.:P

marpay 11

Check out the razorba. They also make electric razors with extenders to. Crazy.

I agree. Shave your back, you creature.

ninjuh_wingman 29

I think thats a sign you should probably get someone to give you a wax

Amanjot13 0

ewwww u chewbacca jk

Navy SEAL's ftw.

Wow! A full second? Just shave - not a FML.

Bakachu 7

You may want to consider a back wax maybe..? Or you could use that as a skill somehow and get rich >;D

That's a hairy situation. Just thought I'd get the cheesy pun out of the way.

Puns will get you back.

Steps to follow: 1. Shave back 2. Sew millions of fuzzy sweaters 3. Make a fortune!

jjstock 7

Haha like how spongebob made a sweater for squidward using his eye lashes XD.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

And then his tears

Lol that is sooooo funny

1.Razor 2.Tape 3.Stick 4.??? 5.PROFIT!