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  marpay  |  11

I think 2 was talking about the lady loves fingers but I could be mistaken.
Op they make these things so you can reach your back and shave it.

  SneezyC  |  15

Actually .. I have friends who are girls who have pretty long back hair..... Ofcourse of then is Cuban .. But the other isn't. Maybe their hair isn't so long soap gets stuck in it but.. It's pretty long ..

  ilovemydog98  |  8

17 - You never know, OP could be a girl. You'd think she wouldn't have bad back hair but it's possible. Just use the bearded lady for example: Women usually don't have beards (and even if they have some facial hair, they usually shave it) yet she has a looong beard...

On the other hand, OP PLEASE be a guy cuz if you are a'll never get one unless you shave

  nephilim241  |  19

Yeh my back is not shaved, most men are hairier on the front (I know I am) but as you get older the back catches up - since that pic was taken it's got a little bit wispy over the shoulders :-/

  Enslaved  |  36

Can one shave their own back hairs? Seems a hard to reach place. Maybe a cute lady friend in the shower might come in handy, if she doesn't mind doing it for the OP.:P