By anonymous - 01/10/2011 14:18 - United States

Today, I used a public restroom with very shiny floors. So shiny, in fact, that I could see a clear reflection of the person in the next stall. I'm pretty sure they could see me too. FML
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CVeNgineer 0

I'm not really sure if a restroom that clean actually exists!


Why were you looking over there in the first place?

Strike up a conversation about how clogged your bowels are!

iSwingDaOtherWay 0

Ahaaa say hi to your new best fwend.!:)

flockz 19

you should spew shit on the floor and see if it richochets. teach that bastard that its your public restroom not his!!

skata 4

70- hence the PUBLIC in the name of the bathroom

Hannah_rox3 8

It sucks. The floors in my highschool bathrooms are the same way. Quite disturbing

fakeaccountX 6

A public restroom with clean floors? Yeah right.

marpay 11

18- they were looking at the floor and noticed. I don't know about you but generally I don't just stare ahead when I'm using the toilet. I tend to look at the floor and how would you not notice at that point.

90- um ya I do stare ahead. I piss and I leave. I don't Stare at the floor.

Wow. Why did you not wave like a nice neighbor

Yeah. If OP had waved, the neighbour might have offered tickets for next friday's game.

kickazz16 15

You should have waved like a friendly Mr. Rovers :)

Like a good neighbor... STATE FARM IS THERE....can a man get a HOT TUB.

You said that wrong.."...and can I geta Hot Tub?!"

CVeNgineer 0

I'm not really sure if a restroom that clean actually exists!

Generally they have brown tiles, to disguise the brown substance that may be upon them. I did see one with shiny tiles, but that was in a pub.

yeah especially considering that it's a public restroom

That's what I said when I saw your picture.

55- even though her comment was a fail.. that was pretty rude of you.

SinfulTragedy 19

That's what I said when I saw your picture.

Any U.S. loos I've been in have had serious privacy issues, their cubical doors have had unacceptably large gaps on the sides, when you can actually see someone walking past your stall and you strategically place your handbag over the gap you know something is amiss lol... FYL I hate bad loos too :P

ShroomsOnAcid 16

That really freaked me out too when I went to the bathroom in the US for the first time. I was used to full privacy stalls from floor to ceiling, no gaps.

I always wondered about that too. Sometimes I think they purposely do that to stop graffiti or something.

kiakia0131 23

I hate using public bathrooms because of that reason lol. I liked being overseas because they had floor to ceiling walls in the stalls.

TraceCase_ 19

Well, I feel naive...and ripped off. Bad public schools aand restrooms!?! Get it together, US!

Babydoll4ever 7

When I was in elementary school the stalls were super short, and didn't go to the ceiling, yet it did go to the floor. One day, I was in the bathroom and a teacher walked in, saw me using the restroom and said hello..yes. twas akward.

I ain't scared to use the public restroom in U.S.A.. Ain't nobody gonna mess with honeybadger!

marpay 11

68- this is why teachers are not allowed to go into school bathrooms unless they hear screams or a struggle.

A struggle? Was the school lunch really that bad?

bobbymullet 11

^ haha that literally made me laugh out loud like an idot(;

ZERObryan 1

Teachers use the restrooms in my school... It's always awkward when they are in there... O_o

76- your picture goes so well with that statement lmao

And now you're sending it over here. The fast food places here are down right scary.

uprising_fml 0

Just smile and wave boys, just smile and wave.

*waves and smiles* yup did the total opposite :)

kickazz16 15

-driveby hanging out window wave- I am a king o- -crashes into a pole at 65mph-

77 you don't need to wave, your penis will do that for you!

That's right 77 when in doubt whip it out

I hope the toilet was as shiny as the floor.

hannahcorrine 0

I'd have smiled and waved Hahaha