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  marpay  |  11

18- they were looking at the floor and noticed. I don't know about you but generally I don't just stare ahead when I'm using the toilet. I tend to look at the floor and how would you not notice at that point.

By  Iskaria  |  0

Any U.S. loos I've been in have had serious privacy issues, their cubical doors have had unacceptably large gaps on the sides, when you can actually see someone walking past your stall and you strategically place your handbag over the gap you know something is amiss lol... FYL I hate bad loos too :P

  Babydoll4ever  |  7

When I was in elementary school the stalls were super short, and didn't go to the ceiling, yet it did go to the floor. One day, I was in the bathroom and a teacher walked in, saw me using the restroom and said hello..yes. twas akward.