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Today, my insomnia wins. I'm too wired and awake to sleep, but too stoned on my sleeping pills to get up and do something productive. FML
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this is your chance to write the script for alice in wonderland 2, we all know the writers were on some shit

Nah write an original movie too many remakes and sequels


this is your chance to write the script for alice in wonderland 2, we all know the writers were on some shit

Nah write an original movie too many remakes and sequels

we need something awesome... the next lotr

"too many remakes and sequels" gives a title of a movie with multiple sequels

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Lotr pirates of Caribbean Star Wars Star Trek etc lol.

#43 look... lol I was just using it as an example of a quality original idea

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Talks about needing an original movie idea, states movies based on a 61-year-old book series as an example.

Write a fictional book about a society with telekinetic powers and the ability to communicate with their minds, due to a device implanted at birth. The devices are all connected, and allows for communication through thought. They did this to a point that the sound of voices began to irritate them, and eventually reactions to voices grew much worse. So it is now law that no person shall ever speak out loud. Speaking is punishable by banishment from society, or even in some cases, death. There's no cars, no phones. Whenever you come into contact with someone, you can speak into their mind. Cars are replaced by flying ships, that move with elegance. This society runs in nearly complete perfection. Except for those who can't afford to be implanted at birth. The silence is deafening, maddening. You've never understood what true fear, frustration, and insanity is until you've lived in complete silence with no easy communication with those around you for fear of banishment, or worse... I'd read that book.

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Such a bittersweet medium of energy...

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#65, it sounds like you've practically written it already.

No... That's only the set up. You create an entirely new world. How great and captivating a book is can usually be connected to the complexity of the world created. For example, Harry Potter, the wizarding world was very intricately built, little details were created with care, it added to the experience. I merely gave the foundation, the framework, walls and even interior design are up to whoever writes it. And then there's plot, and character development. To be honest, I thought up the world in a matter of minutes, that's just how I am at 2am. But after reading it, I have already started thinking of the story to go with it. It's a good one.

#65 You need to write that book or at least get someone else to write it. That's a really good idea. Maybe the main character doesn't have telepathic abilities so the only way he/she can communicate is through speech. Maybe instead of being telepathic abilities he/she has some other superhuman ability. Unfortunately, it's forbidden so he/she either can't communicate or he/she is endanger of being exiled or killed. Maybe he/she are exiled or escape when they're about to be executed. He/she finds another society that communicates through speech like himself/herself rather than telepathically.

yes if it's related to your definitely help you get a sleep quickly...

If the stuff you are studying is boring enough to put you to sleep, you need to change something. I find reading about my chosen field very interesting.

I always keep some Neil gaiman books on hand for these situations. Or you can try some philosophy books. Or if you are like me and are immune to nightmares, watch some Stephen king movies, it's fun to get freaked out while stoned.

Terry Pratchett's books are also good if you're looking for a light and funny read.

Pratchett is good but doesn't have Gaiman's surrealism. Good omens is one of these books I've ever read, pity they didn't do more collaborations.

That should say one of the best books I've read.

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Im not sure how thats possible.. but either way it sounds like it sucks. sorry OP!

@3 - Oh, it's possible. I've had chronic insomnia since birth. It's why I completely gave up on sleeping pills. Laying paralyzed but awake is gut-wrenching.

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I also have really bad insomnia, so I understand that completely. what I as a bit confused about was how OP was stoned & awake.

I had bad Insomnia at one point in my life for over three years. My body was dead tired but my mind was alert and too busy to sleep. I was lucky-- Camille-tea and a good exercise/diet program helped me. I know it doesn't work for everyone but it did in my case.

could be worse. you could be awake and not stoned.

If she wasn't stoned, then it would feel better and she could even get up and do something, if she really wanted. Isn't exactly worse..

Because being stoned out of your wits is sooooo much better.

try not playing with your phone or computer.

Smoke a blunt, puts people to sleep all the time lol

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I don't know what to say, so I'll just say this.

that doesn't work here, maybe in facebook?

That's gotta suck. At least you tried to sleep, I guess.

I'm gonna get downvoted LOL.. but by the overwhelming your life sucks votes to YDI votes. I see the majority of FML users are "pot friendly" I say YDI.

He clearly said he's stoned on sleeping pills, not pot

Just wait, new posts always start light on the YDI side. Once it gets one YDI it'll get a bunch.

Of course you're going to get downvoted if you say YDI without fully reading then stress it.

LOL I know it said sleeping pills... I was joking about the whole stoned thing / shrug

Just lay down and relax. Avoid tech stuff and lights so your body can still rest, even if your mind won't.

Yes, that's what I do if I've done a lot that day and my mind is still active even though my body is tired.

You need to hear Nicki Minaj n get sum NyQuil

no way that'll make him really sick!! the NyQuil might help a little tho