By Anonymous - 25/04/2009 19:24 - United States

Today, I was in the shower and had just finished washing my face. When I put the soap down I noticed a curly, black hair stuck to it. Im blond. The only other person who uses that bathroom is my uncle. I just rubbed my uncle's pubic hair all over my face. FML
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That's why you use your own soap. ** There, I helped you with your grammar.(:

maybe she doesnt have pubic hair... :)


Ewwww... That sucks! Look first next time, lol. Although I guess he shouldn't use your soap...

being blond doesn't mean you have blond pubes. yes, I would know. and yes, that's awkward. lmao

You are blonde using soap for a facial cleanse... that stuff dries out your skin something fierce! YDI

You shouldnt use other persons soap you know? xD but anyway that is grooooosssee

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Oh wow that's pretty gross. Maybe it came from his beard or chest? It doesn't HAVE to be pubes. Maybe get one of those liquid soap dispensers?

or it came from his head.... unless he's like bald

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Dude. Sharing soap = not godod.

Guys... if this is your worst FML, then cry tears of joy. Are you even trying to fail?

i think i'd be more worried about the fact that he probably rubbed the soap all over his dick and balls, and not just a pubic hair.