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Today, I let my estranged husband move back in with my son and me. Later, his pregnant and underage girlfriend knocked on my door, crying about how her mom kicked her out. I'm such a pushover, they're in my bed and I'm on the couch. FML
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kelardy 11

... his girlfriend is Underage And Pregnant? And you've Not called the cops on his ass for having sex with a minor? You wouldn't have to deal with him anymore once he's in jail for statutory rape.

He sounds pathetic OP. Kick them both out until he grows a pair. Best of luck.


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corky1992 33

It's definitely still cheating..whether you're aware of it or not.

lolhailsatan 23

I feel like cheating isn't the main problem here, i mean the guy had sex and impregnated an underage girl, which is absolutely disgusting, He could and should go to jail

Here's the thing about "underage" people. I mean we have no idea how old O.P. And her son or husband are. For all we know they're 19 or 20 years old and said underage girl is 17 soon to be 18. At that point you're talking a two year difference and she's almost an adult. There is a fine line between underage and actually statutory rape. Now is OPs husband 31 and she's 15? That is not ok and needs to be dealt with accordingly.

It wouldn't matter if they were 19, 20, or if the girl was 17 soon to be 18, underage is still underage. He should have thought about what he was doing, knowing he'd have to face these consequences. As for OP, report them to the police. He'll go down for statutory rape, and the girl's mother will be forced to take her back since she's a minor or she'll be looked after by someone else.

You're right 97. Because before you turned 18 if you found someone who was 18 you would never think to have sex with that person. Or vise Versa if now you find someone who you love or that you've been with for 3 years now and you turned 18 you're saying you wouldn't have sex with them until they turned 18? Tomorrow is your boyfriends 18th birthday but you can't sleep over so for his birthday you guys have sex the night before. Still rape right? Get ******* over yourself. If someone is 17 and I just turned 18 and we've been dating for the last 3 years I would stop having sex with them because of a couple month age difference. If you truly believe that is still considered rape then you are what is wrong with society.

It is legally rape. It doesn't matter how you view it, when there is a certain amount of age difference between two minors or an adult sleeps with a minor, it is rape. You cannot legally consent in those situations.

CaitiieBuggs 23

Depends, 104. My state has "Romeo and Juliet" laws, so if the two people involved are within (I believe) two years of each other, then it isn't considered statutory rape or illegal- especially if the two were involved before one of them turned 18. I don't know about other places and if they have similar laws, but sometimes it isn't so black and white.

Did no one catch his blatant sarcasm? Just me? Okay.

demonpuppeh 10

Many states have the Romeo and Juliet clause. If you're underage but it's 2 years or less it's legal.

It's actually around 4 in some states. and some states also have differing ages of consent, some states it's 16

oldie_goldie 13

In Europe, legal age for consent is 16 for many countries. Just a random fact.

dswomi 12

Another random fact: in the time of Romeo and Juliet, the legal age of consent was about 12

Well at least now you have a valid reason to file for a divorce.

He sounds pathetic OP. Kick them both out until he grows a pair. Best of luck.

OP is the one that needs to grow a pair..

He apparently has a pair already, as they were deep inside that minor.

askullnamedbilly 33

Well, like you said, you're a pushover. Why are you letting those people walk all over you? Just give them some money for a hotel room (if, and only if they can't afford one themselves) and then they can get go sort out their own lives.

Hell, she doesn't even owe them that. Their living arrangements should be the last of her worries. What she needs to worry about is the lesson that her son will get from this situation by letting people take advantage of her.

sierra142 19

Why should she give them money for it? Just kick them out. Who cares where they go?

Schmavid64 13

I guess to give them money so that a pregnant teenager isn't sleeping on the streets. Whatever the crimes of OP's husband the girl shouldn't have to sleep on the streets. Hopefully her family is understanding and takes her back.

askullnamedbilly 33

She doesn't owe them anything, that's correct - giving them money for a night would simply make it easier to get rid of them without having to call the police, and would also probably fit OP's character better since I bet she'd feel guilty for making them leave even though they're the ones invading her home.

Schmavid64 13

#56 it isn't OP's problem but it is the humane thing to do to at least give them somewhere to stay for the night if they can't get one themselves.

Great idea, especially because the OP is a pushover. But also because the of the young pregnant women. And also because if they are in the US and stay in her place for more than 30 days they are legal tentants, and then our kind hearted OP will never get them out.

I understand op wanting to house them, especially the pregnant teen. I agree with sending them to a hotel. And no, op doesn't owe them this, but she obviously feels it's the right thing to do. But at the very least op, you shouldn't be giving up your bed. You've shown a lot of generosity here and no one would blame you for wanting to sleep in your own bed, and to also be able to have a quiet place to retreat to while all this is going on under you house. I suggest you ask your husband what he plans to do (help him with that plan even if that makes you feel better). But if he doesn't get a job or has no goals than they'll be living with you as long as you allow them too, which by the sounds of your personality, could be a very long time! Oh, and I'd be getting the paperwork started for a divorce if I were you.

aliciousness116 16

You can fight this OP. It's the right time to file for divorce, better now than never. Move on from your past and build an even greater future for yourself and your son. You deserve better OP. :)

It's time to take control of the situation OP. Have a meeting and explain how things are going to play out (whatever you feel is right). It's your house after all.

The longer you allow this to happen, the more they will take advantage of you. Better kick them out.

Glad to see this one got posted, just to say YDI to you miss. How the hell could you have possibly perceived this to be an acceptable idea, when it's your ******* house. It's more a **** your sons life for having to put up with your passive idiocy and the consequences.

Passive idiocy comment for the win. Totally YDI OP. I think you should also babysit the kid when he/she comes along so your husband and his girlfriend can spend some quality time together in your bed. Make sure to have dinner ready for them while you're at it.