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By  weazle  |  13

Could be a culture thing. There are some places in Mexico where they don’t have good enough water pressure to use toilet paper so they have to use the wastebin.

  titaniumedge  |  6

There are many places where the sewer system can't handle the load of lots of paper, but you still _use_ paper even though you don't flush it. Sounds like this guy has paper just for _show_, and his dirty underwear thus gets fairly smelly.

By  Henry8cooper  |  15

In Asia (parts of Asia anyway) wiping s... around your a.. with a piece of paper is considered disgusting.

Instead you wash - and then maybe wipe off the clean water with some paper.

A combination of not washing and not wiping might be considered rather gross everywhere.

  baby4mommy  |  27

You know they start at around $5,000.00 US and get more expensive depending upon the programmable upgrades. Some are smart enough to recognize every member of the family and remember their preferences like what temperature you like the seat heated to, how you like the angle and water pressure of the bidet set, what fragrance you prefer it to spray to hide the poop smell, every individuals playlist . . . even a white noise option design to hide the sound of your pee hitting the water or any noises you might make when pooping so no one knows that you went in to actually use the facilities.

Culturally many Japanese are very embarrassed by anyone, even family hear them make noise while sitting on the toilet to poop or pee. On the other hand walking into a public bath with 20 or more completely naked strangers is no big deal.

Except for my 2 year old niece who totally freaked and yelled at the top of her lungs for her Daddy to come rescue her. Everyone in the hotel could hear this little girl scream No! No! No! Help! Daddy Help Me! Help! over and over again until a hasty retreat was made. The next day it was decided she would go to the Men's bath with her brother, Dad and Uncle. She screamed the exact same thing as the previous day except she yelled for Mommy to come rescue her instead of Dad! She had never seen a bath bigger than the standard US one at their home in Texas and had never had to take a bath with so many strangers. I totally sympathized with her.

By  icalledhisname  |  11

I once had a boyfriend who did that and I was beyond disturbed. My relationship with him did not last. THEN I knew another guy like that. I have no idea why there are people like this. I’m sorry you’re experiencing that in a friend.

By  Emiweb  |  9

Bit grim. But if he is a friend, then perhaps try talk to him and (without mocking or shaming him) explain that it'd be better for him to actually use it. For his own benefit hygienically and that of his future partners (and even future family - does he wasn't his kids to go to school stinking of crap?). Doesn't have to be a big in depth conversation. Just a 'Hey look, I was thinking about what you said and...' etc.