By Roy Lawson - 26/06/2014 00:19 - United States - Brea

Today, I had to bite the bullet and finally buy maternity pants. Problem is, I'm not pregnant and I'm a 25-year-old man. FML
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thinking you should lose some weight...

JMichael 25

Go the gym if you're not satisfied with your weight


thinking you should lose some weight...

Someone's a chubby bunny. How about doing some bunny hops and lay off the carrot cakes for a little while? All jokes aside, exercise is good for the body and soul! :)

On the bright side, OP has excellent vision.

Hold up, why did he even buy women's clothing???

77# Because he is so fat, I feel like you're missing the entire point of the story.

JMichael 25

Go the gym if you're not satisfied with your weight

Going to the gym can be very hard for some people. I would recommend he fixed his diet, he's overweight from all the junk he's been eating. You'd be amazed at how much weight one can lose by simply eating completely healthy.

What the **** are you, a nutritionist?

juan3611 14

#66 this comment made me laugh for some reason XD

miyaviichan 27

Well, you don't know that he's overweight because he eats junk. That's kind of a mean conclusion to jump to.

AnOriginalName 19

It's never too late to start working out my friend, I know it's tough, but YOU CAN DO IT! I HAVE FAITH IN YOU BRO!

Sounds like you've been pregnant with a food baby for awhile now

Bit a lot more than a bullet, I'd say.


Might want to invest in a gym membership... Just a suggestion Best of luck OP

You don't need to pay £20 a month to loose weight. Just go for a run outside and ditch the fatty foods! You can do it OP!!

zebrainthenight 13

I bet it was awkward when you were paying for it... "This is for my... um... wife?"

iLike2Teabag 27

"But let me just go try it on first... Well don't give me that look!"

Lil_Red777 21

Considering there's morbidly obese children, it shouldn't be that hard to see a morbidly obese adult.

You should of bit the bullet on a gym membership.

Yeah, you're right. That kind have makes sense.

gym memberships can get really expensive, really quickly... a jog around the park, or just a walk around the block are good ways to start. if you don't feel confident, go with a friend that you trust