By Ihaveaheadache - 09/02/2012 05:37 - United States

Today, my dad put in wall plug-ins that emit high frequencies that are suppose to ward off mice. I must be a mouse, because I can hear the annoying noise in every room I walk into. FML
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Oh god... It's not like the mosquito ringtone is it? That shit hurts.

Pull them out just enough that they're not actually plugged in and getting power. If you're the only one who can hear the noise no one will know.


Oh god... It's not like the mosquito ringtone is it? That shit hurts.

My neighbour has an alarm outside his house, designed to be so high pitched that only teenagers can hear it, to stop those awful 'teenagers' from knocking on his door and shit. I'm 18.

my plug-ins are to make the room smell better. but to each their own. I mean, weird

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Well is it working? Do you scurry away?

I like how most people chose YDI so far. It's your fault for being a damn dirty mouse, OP!

Funny thing is tried those mosquito apps on my dad hear couldn't hear them until it was running around 13-14hrtz. And that shit was like listening to two cats mate while they are blindfolded with a dog gnawing on their tails. Try earplugs they work wonders. ( a dirty mouse has approved this message)

My mom can't even hear the squeaking made by the brakes in her car that need to be fixed anymore. But she's kinda old so maybe she is just losing her hearing in general.

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That only hurts some people. To me it's just annoying after awhile

Don't worry, you will adjust. Soon you won't even here it anymore.

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Not true, not at all. 18 years I've been around and I still hear high pitch tones. I hear them from TVs, computers, speakers, kitchen appliances, etc. You never get used to it, but supposedly around age 25 you lose the ability to hear it.

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I'm 36 & i still hear those high pitch noises ... including the plugs ins for rodents

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16 I don't think 2 literally meant op wouldn't hear it anymore - I think they meant op would get used to it to the point that they wouldn't notice it. I've had constant ringing in my ears since I was a little kid and I never ever notice it unless I pay attention and listen for it. But it's always there...

Rei_Ayanami 18

24 - You poor soul, I hope you aren't harassed by it forever. 29 - While that may be what #2 meant, I'm not sure it's really possible. I have to be careful not to think about it, or I nearly go mad from it. But that doesn't mean I don't hear it. Prolonged silence is a horrid thing; that is when it strikes. I have tried to pay it no heed, but it always comes back, and it digs itself into your conscious; making you notice.

if you are over the age of 25, and you still hear ringing, it could also be related to dental fillings made of metal. Seriously, though. Google it.

Yes your right you will stop hearing the noises. After the blood has finished dribbling from your ears.

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Those thing hurt the ears, you never get used to them and on top of that they don't work.

Some people are just sensitive to certain sounds or pitches. I cringe when someone whispers in my ear. It fricken hurts!

I could never adjust. High pitched frequencies cause me to get migraines. I feel bad for op.

Hide it in his room.

Do they run around and cook stuff too? I want me some ratatouille :)

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It won't work, she has better hearing because she's younger, he can't hear them. What she Should do is talk to him about it and, if he resides to do ANYTHING rig it so when he enters his room a blow horn goes off (or whatever the hell those things are called)

Totally. OP should just walk around their house with earplugs in their ears 24/7, right?

the younger you are, the more you can hear those high pitched shits

Weird... when I shit it's not a high pitch sound. Quite the opposite actually

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I first read "pinched" on both your comments and it was funnier before I re-read it.

don't you get that there are double meanings for all profanity? I thought everyone was smart enough to decide which 'shit' I was using. obviously not.

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Way to kill the joke, 62.

yeah, the younger you are the higher you hear a frequency. (I think) Just ignore it or go out.

Rei_Ayanami 18

Going out or tearing it out are the only options. I wouldn't ever be at home if we had those. You can't ignore them, they physically hurt.

I had them in my house back when I was about 5 I could hear the damn things all the way up in my room and I barely got any sleep. So in the end my parents got rid of them and we got a cat. We've had our cat for about 12 years now and no sign of mice.

Pull them out just enough that they're not actually plugged in and getting power. If you're the only one who can hear the noise no one will know.

My dad had a mosquito zapper every time he used it, it would hurt my ears :/ I feel for you OP.

A zapper? Like the blue lighted ones?

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Wow that sucks, I know I have times when I randomly here a noise that won't go away, FYL.

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Sorry about that didn't even notice until now.