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  troyboyd05  |  6

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  ENomine18  |  6

Not true. I'm six months pregnant and still barely have a bump. I still fit in my 120 pound sisters clothes while I'm like 160. You can't assume 6 months into the pregnancy someone's gonna be huge. Everyone's different. OP probably just posted that tidbit of information to justify their upsetness with the situation.

By  xXxRandiexXx  |  6

I'm starting to really despise the guy who posted #8 he is jerk off who wants to act like a bad ass I bet you're nothing but a fat rapist who shits on himself(these are references to other comments he's made) so do us all a favour and shut the fuck up

By  Kat_MS  |  5

Heh, sure I agree complaining doesn't do any good, but really Billy_J....being so insulting isn't going to help anyone. I can see how the event may upset something though, and I mean, who knows, maybe it opened her eyes and now she's being more proactive in trying to lose weight or something, I dunno, but we can't really point our fingers and judge when we barely know the circumstances. Also, why is it so much less of a problem when a guy is overweight? =/ I've never really gotten that...

By  alwaysalady  |  6

At full term I only weighed 130, and wore very few maternity clothes. If you have a lot of those empire waist shirts that are in style right now, then your're not fat. You're just convienent.

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