By Faker - 16/10/2012 21:44 - United States

Today, while shopping, an old man came up to me and told me I should be ashamed for walking around fake limping, and that it's horrible to mock people who actually limp from serious injuries. I wasn't faking, I was born without my right leg and I was getting used to my new prosthetic one. FML
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that_guy666 3

people are always quick to judge. I'm proud of you OP keep fighting and I wish you the best of luck! it takes a lot of courage. :)

Shoulda shown him your prosthetic leg. No need to respect your elders if they don't respect you.


that_guy666 3

people are always quick to judge. I'm proud of you OP keep fighting and I wish you the best of luck! it takes a lot of courage. :)

OP should have pulled up her pant leg and just smiled at the guy. But ^ is right. Keep fighting and best of luck in the future.

chell1894 13

Karma will suck for him. When it comes to things like that NEVER assume. Same goes for what you might think are pregnant women

celiiceegee 6

I would've kicked him with my prosthetic leg.. And said " Whoops! Need some time to get used to it" *Big smile*

Very mature 48. Some way to look like an asshole for no reason.

JerryH 9

Actually 53 I agree with 48, Im a pretty nice guy but people don't need to be dicks and they deserve what they get. And OP should have kicked him

No, 53 is right. Don't kick him and make yourself look like an ass. Just "accidentally" take it off and beat him to a pulp with it

Dekarian 7

43 - Karma WOULD suck for him if karma actually existed. Look at all the criminals who get away with thier crimes for their whole lives and die peacefully in their beds.

amayasoma 19

74 - I doubt that those criminals live a great life...even with the ones that get away with their crimes. We do not know what happens to them, so who is to say karma doesn't exist.

abbyabb 4

Ahh the Internet, a place where a person with a username including the numbers 666 makes a nice and sincere comment.

Well, some ex-criminals live a very hard life. Take Jean Valjean, for example, from Victor Hugo's Les Misérables. He served nineteen years for stealing a loaf of bread to feed his sister's starving children. After being releaqed, he could not find any work. He met a bishop and pretty much turned into a saint, yet a police inspector hunted Valjean down until a few months before his death.

that_guy666 3

78- your right. not everyone is the same.

MiloBear 11

#93, actually only five years of his time was for the loaf of bread, the rest was because he ran from the police.

Dekarian 7

75 - May I point out OJ Simpson. Everybody knows he killed his wife, but he got away with it. Now he's rich(er) from the books he's written that basically tell everyone how he did it. Karma does not exist.

tjv3 10

Should have said "I think it's rude when people hide their illnesses like you" then when he looked at you funny you say " you sir are RETARDED. No sir go eat shit and die" but that's just me

Yes, but I was just summing it up :)

WestSoy 9

116 OJ Simpson is serving 16 years for holding up a casino. Karma does exists

chell1894 13

Do I have facts that karma exists? No, sometimes when I'm going through a rough patch I even question it myself. Do I like to think it exists and hope it exists? Yes. I really do believe something, if not karma, somehow works its way around this world taking good back to good and bad to bad.

But not so rich that he stooped down to stealing trophies not too many years ago...

Right, thumb me down, but I still think people should not be "beaten to a pulp" for an honest mistake. Fortunately, the OP is obviously a great deal more mature than at least 25 people on this fml.

You got served. Sorry lol.


Should've just kindly let him know, but yet again he shouldn't have been so quick to judge.

Oh wow, he should have minded his own business and not jump to conclusions! Sorry OP :( and good luck !

Op should've taken his leg off, and whacked the guy with it.

Her leg* my bad

Shoulda shown him your prosthetic leg. No need to respect your elders if they don't respect you.

Would have been awesome if you used your leg as a cane and asked him if that was better? I know it sounds bad but some people need to be shown how terrible they really are :-/

SenselessPattern 12

There is some good in this though. The fact that the man thought OP was faking it and believed he had two good legs shows that the prostetic was effective and real looking.

38- Or OP was wearing long pants with some sort of shoes that effectively covered the leg.

Shame on you, 8! God forbid anyone have a positive outlook on fml! Why, that's worse than walking with a fake limp! (internet sarcasm)

Yeah, Internet sarcasm that gets a down vote.

Yeah, telling people you intend to vote a comment down also gets a down vote. Just do it and be done with it! And before you say it, yes I realise the irony of telling someone they're getting down voted for posting comments about them making down votes.

Capitalist, you're going against your logic and if you already know you are, just don't comment. That would mean you just went against your logic twice, förefan.

Chiikitty6464 2

Amen to that

Simply shutup.

Did you show him why you were limping?

OP shouldn't have to explain to anyone why he/she is limping. That man had no right to confront some random stranger that he didn't know and pass judgement on him/her. He should have minded his own business. Good luck OP!

You should throw your leg at him and tell to STFU.

While it would be demoralizing to get a leg tossed at you, that's probably the dumbest idea because OP would then literally only have one leg.

But it's not like the OP. . . "Didn't have a leg to stand on." :P ***God I love using expressions!

imavelociraptor 6

It's okay. At least he Stood Up for what he believed in...

Apparently, SHE didn't. Unless, of course, you're referring to the ornery old man, in which case, he was in the wrong to begin with.

No, it makes sense 50. People can stand up for what's wrong... Just look at hitler.

5- And yell "Yatta! Yatta!"

Schizomaniac 24

You were limping because of your leg and he was mad because he thought you were pulling his.

I c what u did there

zingline89 18

Tell him he should be ashamed walking around pretending to be a pretentious asshole when there are people who actually can't help it

BellaBelle_fml 23

Oh, he wasn't just pretending to be a pretentious asshole, he IS a pretentious asshole!

Can't get anything past you!

BellaBelle_fml 23

Haha, trust me, I can have the most herp-derp moments. And some of those moments are so herp-derp I question my sanity. At those times I have to just sit back and laugh at my silliness.

I hate to be a rambling troll, so go ahead and down vote this comment, as I will... "Pretentious" really doesn't fit. We can assume he's "misguided", or "thick-headed", or "idiotic". "Pretentious" only works if he was acting like he was better than the OP in every way.

Herp-derp wtf is that

WritingWrongs should just really stfu already.

I agree with mostly everyone above. People are so quick to jump to conclusions. Just because he's an old man and has probably seen a lot of people fake limping, doesn't mean everyone is actually faking. Show some respect. The world would be a much better place.

I would've kicked him in the shin with your "fake broken leg"

The_Big_Boss 20

I would have lifted my pants up and shown him to make him feel like a total douche