By Anonymous - 10/09/2013 13:23 - Canada - Calgary

Today, I told a guy he should be ashamed of himself for parking in a handicapped space. He hit me with his prosthetic leg. FML
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pataplop 23

You two clearly started off on the wrong foot.

Seriously? Why would you judge someone like that?


Seriously? Why would you judge someone like that?

SwaggCapone 11

YDI OP for being a judgmental twat waffle

YDI for judging. This is pretty funny though. Guy has a sense of humor.

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I hate ******* clowns like you. My boyfriend has had three surgeries on his hip and its judgmental **** bags like you that constantly makes his day worse every time he parks in a handicap spot as his ******* right to do so. One of you tools always harasses him because of his young age despite having registered proof for that right to park in those designated stalls and give him nothing but grief for "faking". I'm glad you got yourself owned by a person with a fake leg. Mind your own business and stop judging someone just because they may not look handicapped to you. Appearances can be deceiving. This also applies with mentally handicap people that you probably judge as well. Douche Bag. :/

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Wait a minute, #92, you can tell without having met another person with a prosthetic limb that their condition is identical to yours and you all have the exact same personal physical capabilities? People, forget this handicapped parking stuff. We have bigger problems. The Borg have landed!

Sweetpea22 14

Um...How do you know the guy isn't in pain from having a prosthetic limb? You don't. Every person is different. that's like me saying since I wear glasses for astigmatism in both eyes, that everyone who wears glasses must wear them for the same reason. How about you stop judging?

When I was young my parents would always tell me not to judge people immediately. As the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover, or in this case another human being. Don't be so quick to judge

nightowl713 25

You definitely deserve it, OP. You can not possibly know what any person is/has gone through at first glance. I'm only 25 and when I was 23 I under went a massive spinal surgery, having rods, cages, and screws completely encasing my lower spine. I hurt all day everyday, but by just glancing at me you'd never know it. No one should have to prove anything to you or any other person of no authority. I most definitely would not have raised my shirt for you to see my scars. Nor should anyone have to. I am sure he had the proper permit allowing him to do so, and if he didn't, let the authorities handle it. It is not your place.

#96. I think you can say he doesn't have pain from his prosthetic leg because he was able to take it off and hit OP with it.

Sodapop40 21

YDI, OP. Someone can be handicapped and not look it. Stop judging people, and make sure you know the whole story before you open your mouth. My friend has 2 handicapped daughters, but you can't tell just by looking at them. She goes through that bullshit everyday. Open your damn eyes.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

#91: yeah! My dad had to have surgery on his knee like two years ago & it's still causing him to walk weird and occasionally need to use a brace or something. The person you're looking at could appear to have both legs & both arms, they could LOOK perfectly fine, but they might not be. Don't judge people, you never fully know them. Ydi, OP.

I've come back to this FML several times and reread it... I still can't think of any way OP doesn't deserve this. Just because they don't have a walker, seem old, or disabled upon first glance doesn't mean they aren't handicapped. Why rush to such judgements? I'm personally glad he smacked you, hell I hope it hurt.

I wish I could thumb this up more than once. I have been harassed more than once by these self righteous windbags for parking in a handicapped space. The last one told off so she called the cops. Who ended up giving her a ticket for trying to use he moms permit to take the space I was in. I wish I could do more then tell them off. /rant.

anonomot 11

@94 -- totally off topic -- but it should b: the borg 'has' landed. yes, the borg assimilates and is made up of many bodies, but it is a single consciousness and therefore, a single entity. it thus requires the singular form of "is" (past tense).

#92: My uncle has diabetes. He didn't take it seriously, and continued to eat badly, not take the prescribed medication, or exercise. Due to this, he really messed up his body, losing his left foot. He almost lost the right. He also has problems with his spine from a construction accident in his 20s. Despite this, he is rail skinny, looks younger than he is, and still appears strong. People harass him all the time about parking in a spot "a real handicapped person" needs. He used to show them his prosthetic and cane, but now he just walks passed them silently. It has caused him a lot of grief because he feels like less of a man for not being able to hand walking really far. People get up in his face, and sometimes push him. He has had men threaten him, women scream at him. All because they think they know his life better than him. What is worse, is other people with similar conditions think they can speak for him. They tell him similar things, that he should "man up" and stop "faking it." Because they have more mobility, they think the rest of the world should be like them. They get pride from being shining beacons of how other handicapped people should act. It is utter bullshit, 92, and you are half of the reason my uncle pushes himself when he shouldn't and ends up crying, sometimes, when the pressure of not living up to society's standards gets to him.

#94 Alternatively... same injuries... Are you my mummy?

I'm sure the DMV requires medical records or some proof. It's not like they give them to anyone who walks in.

pataplop 23

You two clearly started off on the wrong foot.

badluckdawson 19

Looks like she was left without a leg to stand on

Did OP really kneed to say that? Foot in mouth OP, foot in mouth

RandomRaybay 13

Best use of a pun I've seen in months!

i completely agree. why would you judge someone for parking in a handicapped spot when you don't know anything about that person? yes, there are twats that park in handicapped spots because they are too damn lazy to find another parking space, but you should not tar everyone with the same brush.

You shouldn't tar *anyone* with that brush. At all. Ever. I can't believe how many people miss the lesson of stories like this, which is: you can't tell by looking. Even if someone is young. Even if someone is fat. Even if someone looks "lazy". Even if someone is young and fat and looks lazy. You can't tell by looking why they're in the space, and what's more, you don't need to. Unless you're a traffic inspector checking people's placards/sticker/plates, it is not ever anyone's job to validate other people's need to use a designated spot.

Dude, I realize you're an asshole but you should really control the shit coming out of your mouth.

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Sweetpea22 14

How is judging someone like that good? I could judge you in this comment and I know you would get your panties in a wad

I think that the 31 people that thumbed me down didn't fuly understand my initial comment and thought I was defending the guy.

What about this is good in anyway? OP should of minded his own damn business. He had no idea what could of been wrong with that man. Disabilities are not always visible. That's why one shouldn't stick their nose in things that do not concern them. OP was being a nosy and judgmental twat. Don't judge unless ye be judge. He deserved to be beaten with that prosthetic leg. Maybe this will teach him and others like him to not be so quick to judge others.

you said his intentions were good. im pretty sure we all understood.

His heart was in the right place but he went about showing it terribly.

Ari1337 15

i think what 124 is saying is that if the guy actually was just being a lazy ****, OP was telling them they should feel ashamed because they were taking the spot from someone who needed it.

Yeah, and every single person who thumbed you down understood that. It's a terrible intention. If you're not a traffic cop or the equivalent, it's not your job to decide "who really needs it", is it? We have a system for that and unless I was absent from the planet the day they handed out the Lazy F*** Detectors, nobody is *ever* qualified to make that judgment on sight. Every single time you've judged someone--silently or out loud--for using a handicapped space, you're doing the exact same thing the OP did. Whether or not the person can conveniently demonstrate their disability for you, you are still the bad guy. Far from keeping the system from being exploited and protecting "those who really need", every single person who appoints themselves The Hero The Parking Lot Deserves is just making it harder for people with invisible/less apparent disabilities to get through their days. Bottom line, this isn't good intentions. It's the desire to take the petty human fear that someone, somewhere is getting away with something and turn it from a martyr complex into a hero complex. It's not socially acceptable to resent "those who really need" the spaces, so instead people settle for blaming an apparently endless army of lazy fakers.

Believe me or not, I could come up with a long and detailed rebuttal to that, but I just find internet arguments the epitome of stupidity and a tedious waste of my time (No one ever comes out victorious, anyway). Instead, I will leave you with this: my perspective didn't assume the very worst of this man unlike most of you who have their opinions here set on "black or white" mode. I see where he was coming from, and also see how he went wrong. I don't have a zero-tolerance policy on people who make mistakes since I can't fully judge the situation from miles away. If you wish to judge harshly from your computer screen, then that is your perogative. That is all I have to say on the subject.

monnanon 13

his heart was not in the right place. he was being a judgemental ass in two ways. 1. he assumed the man was a lazy space stealing shit. 2. he assumed that any person who needed the space would not be able to confront the guy over it. op is probably one of those people who gets offended on the behalf of others too.

They really were not good in any way. I got judged for parking in a handicapped spot because people could see me walking perfectly fine. I got yelled at. Then I walked around the car and helped my very elderly grandmother, who has lots of health problems and can barely walk, out of the car, and everyone immediately shut up. The spot wasn't for my benefit.

Wow this FML reminded me of the book "A Thousand Splendid Suns" where a guy takes off his prosthetic leg and beats someone with it.

Pwn17 25

That doesn't sound very splendid.

Lol the story is the saddest shit ever. The title is extremely misleading

jw90 18

You should be ashamed for judging someone without making sure they're really handicapped or not.

rg350dx 29

That is exactly why I immediately tackle and pull at the limbs of someone who appears to be physically capable leaving a handicapped spot. Saves the confusion and embarrassment of accusing them of faking it right off the bat.

Common op, haven't you watched Me, Myself, and Irene? :/ But really, never judge someone off of what you see on the surface. You never know what someone's disabilities are.

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

For future reference OP, not all handicap people have to look like they're handicapped. Just some advice so you don't act like a douche again.

Way to judge, OP! You know it's not always obvious right?

She was trying to stick up for handicapped people in a way.... :S but yeah next time look and see if they have the sign on there rear view mirror... If they have a sign you have no right to judge.

monnanon 13

disabled people do not need a hero to fight their battles.