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Today, I returned home after a three-week trip to Jamaica. When I opened the door to my room, I was greeted by a swarm of bees and their enormous nest, which was attached to my doorknob. Apparently, I'd forgotten to close the window properly before I left. FML
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I hate bees I'd rather listen to Rebecca black..... nah I'll take the bees


its not too much of a bummer at least op's room service is prompt and on time

atleast you didn't get robbed! or worse had a homeless man take over your house

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that would "bee" terrible....

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Oh lord, the bee puns are to much to handle. I can't think of anything D: I'm so dumb.

11 your hair color is crazy! I like it

I hate bees I'd rather listen to Rebecca black..... nah I'll take the bees

11 - I like your hair. I'm surprised your parents let you get all those piercings since you're 14 though....

#2 It only stings when gotten stung

Nice hair dye, QI. The neon pink is rockin'.

lol one moderator says not to do something then another does it I'm confused

No, he's right. If anyone wants to chat or get an internet girlfriend, they should do it via PMs and not here, or else we'll ship them to Siberia.

free honey at ur doorknob ?? (looking at the bright side)

bet you'll never forget to check the windows next time.

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I'm laughing at this more than I should.

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and hide yo' husband, 'cause he's raping err'body out there.

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you don't to come and confess we lookin fo' you. We gone find youuu

sad day, Op! well, at least you (hopefully) had fun on your trip before the incident!

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he must have had fun cause he was Hedonism Rippin and Tearin.

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I bet he would like to go back on that vacation again. lol

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Welcome back and be careful.