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Today, while playing with a lighter, I jokingly told my boyfriend I would burn his mustache off. He responded by telling me he would burn off mine. FML
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enonymous 8

No. You dont mess with the stache

jillianmathers12 13

You should get it waxed or maybe get the nono it's a tv product that is suppose to be better than waxing without any pain!

rexgar2000 10

that's what u get for joking like that.

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What the helos upon high is going on in here! Ha ha humorous rendition, hehe

Nair!!! it's wonderful. Really!!! I use it to get rid of my palm hair.

xDefendPopPunkx 14

Would just look at that mustache. I mean you should just look at it. You know what you should do before making jokes like? Just look at it! Seriously!

47 did you get from jacking off to much ?

Awe did he just burn your biscuit and pee in your cornflakes? Walk it off it'll be ok.

That has to be the cutest picture I've ever seen.

RedSharpieInk 5

Must be awkward to kiss with both of their mustaches on fire..

Streeet_hayley 6

Never threaten a man with his moustache.

Today I was playing with lighte- YDI. Didn't daddy teach you not to play with fire you flaming pyro

If you play with fire youll get burnt by fire

skata 4

playing with lighters?!? smokey the bear isnt gonna like this...

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PunkSk8ter 0

I mustache you a question, but I'll shave it for later.

atomicbaboon 0

Okay. But I must warns you. Eyebrows google for answers.

jackii1313 9

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You know who I hate? Eda and teezy, that's who.

eminemchick 19

He only hates us because his name is Pablo.

@82 That's ******* low Eda. LOW. I mustache you a question though. Why must you offend me like this.

eminemchick 19

how is it offensive? Pablo is an awesome name. :D It's not beard at all.

Are you attempting to start a pun war? You better shave your best puns for last because you will need it.

eminemchick 19

I don't want to involve myself in a pun contest. I'm hair to a powerful throne that waxes all wrongdoers. So begone..!

No one Shed your throne would give you an advantage. To be fHair I am very skilled in these kinds of things. So bring it on.

You are both really lame and 95 you took those puns from an earlier post on this same FML. :-/

eminemchick 19

lol but at least we have friends lol If making lame jokes isn't fair, why the hell are all these idiots on fml. Seriously, take a joke. :P

Have u ever had your mustaches tangle up?

olpally 32

I mustache you a question, but I'll shave it for later :D

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Ouch...Well, women are always complaining about what a chore it is to shave, and what a pain it is to wax, and how long it takes to pluck, so just embrace it as your new preferred method of hair removal. It's quick, easy, and totally ****** awesome. And if you do it right, your moustache might never grow back!

Bbhd05 0

How the **** does your comment have 0 thumbs up?! *thumbs up*

Yeah, she'll have that sexy melted skin scar over her lip too. I'm getting a boner just thinking about it...

Jdog619 11

You do realize there is a button for that. You don't have to clutter the comment section to say this.