Haunted by you

By Tech Savvy - 20/09/2011 00:20 - United States

Today, my ex, whom I haven't seen in two years, contacted me. She was great company back in the day, wild in bed, the most attractive person I've ever dated, and totally uninterested in a serious relationship. She wants me to fix her computer. FML
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almostkilledme 0

You should have told her that you would take sex as payment.


hasucksforyou 3

charge her with sex instead of cash o.o simple, how could you not have thought of that on your own? If she is not interested in a serious relationship than ******* use it to your advantage.

zattele 3

I'll say he got more than his hopes up!! Bow chika bow bow......

1 your comment matches your username perfectly.

RedSharpieInk 5

Wild you say? Probably an invitation to some kinky role play, better bring your A game

HowAreYouToday 34

This deserves a well earned *face-palm*

#14, she's probably wanting him to fix the computer for free. Why else would she contact an old boyfriend (who she probably thinks still has feelings for her) to work on her computer instead of going to a store? And, if the OP feels that having an f-buddy relationship isn't worth dealing with unrequited love, what's it to you? Some people don't want sex without commitment, and there is *nothing* wrong with that.

She must be into computers because she turned OP's software into hardware ;)

Be sure to log it before returning it to her. She might just keep coming back to you if other stuff starts to go wrong ;).

Xtra_Cheddar 3

Oh I get it. . . She wants you to "fix" her "computer" ;) . . . . . No I don't get it

Maybe she was being secretive or wanting to surprise OP with sex?

almostkilledme 0

You should have told her that you would take sex as payment.

Goods and services in return for better goods and services... what could go wrong?

Time to upload your jump drive and update her software.

Oh you REALLy know how to handle girls eh? That's not really the way to do it and I bet she was intending to reward him like that anyway

Or just leave it a little messed up so you can seegher again, or totally mess it up.

Bbhd05 0

#45 she's a female she wouldn't think to make her payments in that way.

But she wants YOU of all people instead of just hiring a repairman. It's a window of opportunities.

ryanst 7

Exactly. Go fix it, and when you're done ask her out to catch up on the past two years.

babycakess10 0

yea cuz she probably doesn't want to hire anyone and he was the only handy man she knew...

Thats probably code for something OP and she probably wants you to fix her. Or I could be overthinking this

ipodlover1995 0

So let me just show you where to stick this plug in ma'am....bow chicka wow woowww.

babyyninjas 1

I think it's pretty clear :| unless you're deliberately being a dick.

ikickgingers 15

She's a slam pig, and you are her free labor.

MaximilianMarche 0

Take her computer, fix it, and add som extra special pics on it for her haha

it's not too late she hasn't payed you yet has she ;)

lindseyluvszac 4

Don't lose hope, maybe she's unknowingly giving you a second chance.