By chinousmc - 06/12/2012 11:30 - United States - Clearwater

Today, I got punched in the face after a stranger asked for a light, didn't realize it was a butane lighter and burnt the tip of his nose lighting his cigarette. Now my nose looks worse than his. FML
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You know what bugs me? People who ask a question and then answer it themselves.

lelo007 11

It seems so many people jump straight into violence these days over the smallest matters, it's just ridiculous. I hope he at least apologized after being an ass, and also that your nose heals quickly!


lelo007 11

14- Well done, as in how you cook a steak is what I'm guessing...

tristanisgay 7

1- I'm pretty good at comprehending most things but after reading what you just said...I'm second guessing myself. I have no idea what in the hell you just said.


Poor 1. Your comment so simple, yet so misunderstood.

Because it certainly says the age of either person.

KiddNYC1O 20

I think that pic is a mockery of Edward. Well, he is a mockery anyways.

There are stupid people in every generation and there always will be. I'm sick and tired of people using the "our generation sucks" excuse when they don't like something. Suck it up.

Most generations are just as stupid, just with all this technology (and laws that don't let you lock up your kid) just let the supreme idiots be seen and heard more easily. I almost wish you had to have a certain iq to use the Internet, but lets face it, idiots make us feel better about ourselves and keep us entertained.

tsent8 15

^^^^^ mmhm further evidence is the rise in philosophy majors. Those poor unguided bastards.

Pretend you were in a bar fight... Or beat up a bear or something awesome

That's the last time you help a stranger out...

lelo007 11

It seems so many people jump straight into violence these days over the smallest matters, it's just ridiculous. I hope he at least apologized after being an ass, and also that your nose heals quickly!

gadgetmaster 10

People have always been violent haven't they...? Over stupid things. Human nature.

lelo007 11

Unfortunately. But I like to think overly violent people lack any type of normal thought process, and eventually will succumb to Darwin's Survival of the Fittest. It doesn't pay to have that type of strength if the smarts aren't behind it to control it.


Alas, Darwin's effect on humans is near gone. Many humans not fit to carry on do. Also... You must remember... Muscle bound types (with no brain function, per se) and smart fellows (be they strong or weak) attract totally separate types of mates. We are essentially two separate species with the ability to interbreed. Thus they continue if they are the fittest of their subspecies. (There are many subspecies if what I've said is of merit, not just the two) (Not all muscle bound people are stupid, i'm just using that as the title of my antagonist category or "subspecies")

You should have whooped his ass Op, what the hell it's his fault for being dumb.

lelo007 11

7- Violence isn't the answer!!.. Well, okay, sometimes it is. Two wrongs don't make a right!.. Yea, then sure, I guess depending on the situation they could. Screw it, beat his ass, OP!

Some people just need a punch in the nose sometimes.

Hmm I think that would kill the guy, but a fist will do just fine.

lelo007 11

Alright.. If you insist, we'll do it the sissy way.

I'm no sissy, we'll use a baseball bat then.

You guys are weak. Take away his bacon and he will truly start bawling.

Hit him with a sledge, then take his bacon and eat it in front of him.

Oh man... You never eat someone else's bacon in front of them. Thats worser then torture.

Hiphuray4peas 27

Next time, hand them the lighter. Let them burn themselves!

I was under the impression that that is what happened.

Some ppl aren't as intuitive as us to read between the lines

Hiphuray4peas 27

I admit to not quite understanding the post. Now it makes sense. Thanks.

perdix 29

How, in this day and age, not realize that a lighter is a butane one? Even non-smokers know that. He probably punched you because you laughed at his singed nose.

cajekraze 7

All lighters, except for zippos, are butane. OP should've said mini-torch, if that's what was meant

if people ask about your nose, you should say; " should've seen the other guy "

Well Christmas is around the corner and I heard Rudolph was on vacation this year! Maybe you should see if you can cover him!