By Nicole - 19/09/2011 20:16 - United States

Today, I went to school without makeup. No one recognized me. FML
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kikibrowm 7

You could definitely pull off a robbery that way...

Shouldn't wear so much makeup it messes up your skin at such a young age, now your skin depends on it!


kikibrowm 7

You could definitely pull off a robbery that way...

Look at the bright side, maybe you won't have to buy a mask for this upcoming halloween now.

That's what happens when you wear 20+ layers of makeup

Well OP look on the bright side, wait there is no bright

rexgar2000 10

at least they didn't say you were ugly.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

She could also put her apparent artistic talent to good use and make some hefty money disguising other criminals. I hear there's a good demand for that, by would-be rich clients.

Well... it's okay I look like a creature from the undead without concealer. I get like 2 hours of sleep so the bags under my eyes are atrocious...

monkeys1315 0

At least they didn't say you looked ugly, just not like yourself

HowAreYouToday 34
vibeplayer1112 0

What also helps. Don't stay up all night. That instantly cures no sleep.

pu13 5

Ways to spot a hooker, give me one minute, on the clock.

Are you the girl that goes to school looking like a clown with all of your makeup?

Lawl it's a girl from california no wonder why. She deserves it. She probably chalks on make up.

Acousticpixie14 6

Don't be a bitch about California. I'm from California. I wear eyeliner, mascara, and mineral powder and occasionally I wear lipstick.. Does that sound like a lot to you?

LaydiexSkull 3

Well if you ever get into trouble you know what to do OP That kind of disguise would come in handy for the cheating ex-boyfriend that tried to pass of as a long-lost twin :p


Be yourself, dont manipulate yourself to impress other people.

melophilia 0

Shouldn't wear so much makeup it messes up your skin at such a young age, now your skin depends on it!

Thanks for that useful tidbit of information Debbie Downer

LaydiexSkull 3

How do we know OP is young or that she wears a lot? She could be 17 and only wears a little eyeliner. It tends to make quite a difference sometimes :L

a bit of eyeliner only makes a difference if your a male. Otherwise, to not be recognized takes quite a bit of that shit.

LaydiexSkull 3

Yes for everyone. When I wear a lot of make up I look completely different, it changes how the shape of my eyes look. Obviously if you wear that much make up that no one recognizes you it's too much

LaydiexSkull 3
vibeplayer1112 0

Don't call someone an idiot when you spell sorry wrong, and you didn't put the apostrophe in you're. You also need a comma before sorry and after sorry.

LaydiexSkull 3

I wear makeup and all I put is a little eyeliner and it makes a difference. It doesn't take a full face of makeup to make a person look different. Otherwise people wouldn't even BOTHER with a little makeup.

Acousticpixie14 6

You sound so dumb. Yes, a little eyeliner makes a difference, but a little eyeliner does not make you unrecognizable. For people to not even recognize her means she wears a goddamn mask of chemicals everyday.

I bet the OP contours their face. I have a friend who contours her face and wears a lot of makeup. I've only seen her without makeup like once or twice. A little bit of eyeliner would not alter her appearance, but the makeup she shovels onto her face does. Don't get me wrong... she looks good (with or without makeup), but yeah...

People say I look completely different when I wear make up, and when I do, its only eyeliner and sometimes eye shadow... So, yea, a little does make a big difference.

LaydiexSkull 3

It makes a difference for SOME people. If OP wears a little makeup all the time and it make her look different and then one day she doesn't, she COULD be unrecognizable. I wear makeup so I think I'd know.

verymerry 6

get over it. you lost. op wears a crap ton of makeup.

Acousticpixie14 6

You wear makeup so you think you'd know? Um, if you didn't think you looked different and you still put makeup on, you'd be stupid. DUH it's supposed to alter your appearance. Oh, and by the way, I don't doubt that people tell you that you look completely different. That doesn't mean that it's true or that the people saying it aren't complete fucktards. Oh, and I went to beauty school. I think I would know.

lolololer 8

i can imagine him wearing drag queen makeup for the whole year.. no wonder no one recognized him :P

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theres a girl at my school like that and it looks so stupid because shes so tanned, then spends like 20 mins to put on a bunch of powder to make her face look like a ghost

koolkat27 13

95- yeah a bunch of the emos at my school wear shitloads of white powder on their faces. it's very disturbing.

LiveLaughFML 10

i like how you guys "label" them as the "emos." it makes me wonder what I'd be labeled as.."the prep" probably. lol :O

Are you sure they're emos, goths, or the vampires?

larry12693 1

they could be mimes in training

x shakes head x no wonder the world is said to be coming to an end.

no that's not emo.... that's goth or vampire... that's like saying mexicans and spaniards are the same...

Why judge people by how they look? Most of them are really nice, you guys would all be labeled "bitch" because of these comments.

fmlwinnn 0

That's what you get for trying to look like a movie star everyday. Lots of girls in high school put on loads of makeup like that >.> it's good that you did that, though. The girls that put on loads of makeup have low self-esteem and don't like their natural beauty. I wear makeup, but only a little.

iloveyou1266 4

Me too ! Eyeliner , (barely any) a brush of blush , and something to cover dark circles . Then I'm all good !

fmlwinnn 0

I just wear foundation (if I need it), a little bit of eyeliner, and a little bit of mascara, and that's it. I see girls that attempt to look like movie stars in school, but they just look fake. I'd like to see them all go to school without makeup and see what happens.

I never wear makeup but it's more of a laziness thing >.< There is this girl I know who looks beautiful without makeup but now she wears it allt he time and she looks like a doll and I hate it.

fadingfaith 4

Exactly! I see a whole bunch if girls with caked foundation (sometimes too orange/dark or too white for their complexion) and then they add a shit load of bronzer that looks fake and omg all that eyeliner and fake eyelashes clumped with mascara. Looks terrible! I just wear a little mineral powder foundation, mascara, and chapstick.

I know right! There are SO ******* MANY ***** at our school who wear waaay too much makeup, and they seriously look like the colour of my cheese flavoured Easy Mac. I mean, how does any guy find chicks like that attractive, when they cake their makeup on until it's an inch thick and wear so much mascara it's clumped into three different lashes? Honestly? I really don't get it.

Notice my sex = male. What the hell is bronzer and foundation...?

I do the same, fadingfaith. Foundation and chapstick are the only things needed most days (my lashes are long and dark enough to let them be). Knew a few people from elementary that cake on the make up and even apply fake lashes. Lance, foundation is usually spread all over the face and neck to even out the skin tone (remove redness, partially cover acne/scars) and make everything one colour. Bronzer is applied to selective places on the face to add a slightly darker colour to make things more natural and sun-kissed. To be honest, a big application of foundation followed by heavy use of bronzer could just be replaced by a lighter foundation application with spot treatment for scars.

oh. ok Thank you haha. Most of the girls I see wear a bunch of makeup, and I personally find a more natural look more attractive...

I don't wear any make up, except a bit of mascara when I'm not feeling lazy. I hate the way how make up feels on my face, therefore I never wear it.

MarisaCB 16

I usually wear a shit-load of make-up (and I do need foundation, but I actually know HOW to apply it.) But I wear eye shadow and mascara every day. I don't get why people have the right be confident without make up, but they don't have the right to be confident with it. I mean, a girl can have low self esteem and not wear make up. Make up isn't always to impress other people. I don't care what other people say, because the fact that IIII feel good the way I look is enough. I wear make up because I want to. I love it. Its fun, like clothes. Its self-expression! Artistic! So don't generalize everybody.

Makes a big difference, maybe yes. Makes you unrecognizable, god no.

Natural is better than being caked on anyway

yeah idk if this is a fyl, or a ydi. She could either look real gross without makeup, or she could just be one of those fake girls that cake it on too much

koolkat27 13

only really pretty people can pull off the natural look. believe me, there are some girls at my school who I wish would at least wear some makeup. :(

ShroomsOnAcid 16

But isn't everybody hiding behind so much makeup only perpetuating these so called "ugly" genes? I mean, who even knows what a real chick looks like nowadays? I bet even the girls don't know what they really look like anymore.

kids these days with makeup... NY sister wastes so much time putting it on

Lol that's why I don't really like makeup, besides mascara

I think he meant MY sister, it does not take much to guess out, hah and english is not even my main laungage and i could guess it..

104:Look I'm gonna tell you the truth: No one cares.

effyoubitch 5

Ghostkiller, look I'm gunna tell you the one asked you.

I was being serious. See, there's this pain in the ass crossword that I'm working on and that's one of the clues.

131, the answer is probably New Jersey. Ny and nj used to be one single entity till a chunk of it (nj) was given away as a gift to some noble or some shit. I forgot what the original comment was.. oh well. too much makeup bad blah blah.