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Today, while out for lunch, a guy approached me and asked for my number. I politely declined. To my dismay, he dropped to his knees, grabbed his head, and started moaning about how nobody ever gives him a chance. I felt the accusing stares. FML
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Find someone giving you the glare and say "hey, that person over there looks like she'd give you a chance."

Maybe he studies psychology and is VERY good at what he does...


nothing says sexy like a groveling stranger...although im sorry OP got put in the situation.

whiteboy896 9

peer pressure at its finest.

You are obligated to give him what he wants so YDI.

YDI. He asks you out and gets rejected. You get accusing stares as a result of your own actions. Sounds fair to me.

So you're saying I can't decline a random guy's/gal's request to have my number? I thought I could make my own decisions, but apparently not.

you must get rejected alot huh

I'm pleasantly surprised! I was totally expecting a myriad of dumb pathetic 'Maybe you should give him a chance' comments.

Maybe he studies psychology and is VERY good at what he does...

Damian95 16

Or he needs to talk to a psychologist about self esteem issues.


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Find someone giving you the glare and say "hey, that person over there looks like she'd give you a chance."

She should have just told everybody she was already engaged to someone :)

She shouldn't have to tell anyone anything. No should be enough. But people are assholes.

Mads_1234 28

Or the OP could give him the number to Pizza Hut/ rejection hotline. sad as that is, you can't really give in to stuff like that...A no simply means no.

Sad? I think downright creepy is now accurate!

Eh I wouldn't say creepy myself. It would be creepy if he grabbed OPs leg and begged or something along those lines, but he was just sad and crying over it.

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I wonder which number you are. 35?200?

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Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen, he was #1

I genuinely wish I could up vote you more than once. Thanks for brightening my day!

He sounds like a pussy, but it's unfortunate you had to be the bearer of glares

Perdix, leave OP alone! At least, I assume it was you.

No, it wasn't perdix. Perdix would have walked up to the girl, dramatically removed his ever-present sunglasses, and made a crude joke about his sexual prowess. It works for him every time.

Perdix doesn't even have sex. By simply talking about his sexual prowess the woman becomes pregnant.

perdix 29

#7, never ASSUME, or you will make an ASS out of U and ME. And I make an ASS out of ME just fine without any help. Getting a number is not my M.O., if a girl hasn't fled in horror or disgust, I try to seal the deal then and there, and not give her time to think things through.

perdix 29

#18, just my luck! The DNA match and the court-ordered child support payments without the sexual gratification. Yay, me!

graceinsheepwear 33

18, I am pretty sure perdix is smart enough to make sure that his freedom of speech is protected. His smooth tongue may get the ladies going but I doubt he would risk creating junior perdi (that's plural for perdix, grammar nazis, not a typo).

I'm pretty sure it would be Perdices.

Well maybe it is because he is such a big baby. Tell him to man the fuck up and then maybe he will be able to get a date.

saIty 17

1) Get a puppy 2) Name him Chance 3) Give him Chance 4) He finally gets a Chance

That joke has been used more times than your moms dildo.

Woah dude. Chill the fuck out.

saIty 17

If you're looking for my comeback you can scrape it off of your mother's teeth

You didn't make a joke about dinkleberg???

Does anyone have cold water I can borrow?

graceinsheepwear 33

21, your profile pic makes your comment that much better. Well done.

thats when you just walk away