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Today, I was pulling into a parking garage space and using the next car over to judge where the wall was in front of me, but ended up whumping my front bumper as I pulled forward. Wondering what had happened, I got out to see that the car I was aligning myself against had hit the wall too. FML
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Perhaps you could try using you're head lights to judge distance instead of using other retards cars?


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shutup asshole youre so steriotypical it pisses me off stfu im sure there are thousands of woment who are better drivers than you!

Does it make you feel big and manly and strong to belittle women at every chance you get? Do you think that it's going to make you a more virile, rugged, tough manly man who all the women wanna ****? Grow up. I routinely drive cross country, and I can say from experience that the worst drivers are generally aggressive and inattentive male drivers. You know, it's not like you're probably old enough to even have a drivers license anyway. Maybe you're still young enough to snap out of this funny little misogynistic phase you seem to be in. Then girls might actually talk to you, and you wouldn't have to generalize like that! Good luck, my friend, but in the meantime, enjoy your hand.

Shadow_Phantom 26

Excuse me number 19, but I agree with #1, and I am a woman myself. Every time I have looked at someone who has made a mistake while driving (I am always the passenger while my BF drives,) it has always been a woman driver. It's not just a stereotype, it's true. Then again we all live in different places; it's at least true over where I live. Also wtf is "whumping"?

That's why woman have cheaper insurance right? Because we are worse drivers? Both of my brothers have written off cars, and my boyfriend just smashed his windshield from hitting a gate. . . and I have an untouched record.

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From my experience women are worse drivers....One girl rear ended me and claimed it was my fault but i was stopped at a light....Iv'e been in close calls with women....Iv'e also seen more women pulled over also nothing steriotypical about this ....just from experience

Don't you know that the definition of a woman driver is a woman who drives like a man? Insurance companies will agree that women are better drivers than men.

Geez what's with the rant did you ever stop to think he was actually joking, and it's kind of funny how he said it. Be glad he didn't say first or anything, it's so unnecessary to bury the comment.

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I totally agree with #1, and I'm a girl, judging by experience, not saying that guys aren't bad drivers, there is your share of a-holes out there. However, look around when you're driving, who's always on the mobile, on the passing lane, slower than everybody else and weaving all over the place? Maybe just one guy from every ten women who do it! Stop raving and ranting and accept the truth!

Not too far away, there is a facility they call area 51. In Area 51, they are creating a subspiecies programmed to be terrible drivers. The point in this? To conclude the sensles arguments of men and women and treat them all as the human race.

men are naturally better drivers but theyre always supposedly more reckless just like women complain that its only a stereotype that woman are bad drivers, its a stereotype that all men have road rage and drive like animals, except we actually have to pay for it, probably because if they charged women more, theyd get lawsuits at the wazoo so quit your bitching

She's all like "Why did you stop at a red light and let me hit you doing eighty!" srry I had to say it.

I agree with #21. There was a study recently that showed women were getting more reckless driving (because of cell phone mainly), but that men were

lol y would helen keller be a bad driver. she was a woman. jk im not sexist but u femnist supremes need to chill the fuxk out. seriously its people like u tht screwed the world

ShananaginsLOL 13

Thankyou number 20.... Although I am a liberal and love women's rights I gotta say that u guys should seriously calm ur **** and learn how to take a friggin joke.... Damn

Perhaps you could try using you're head lights to judge distance instead of using other retards cars?

Perhaps you can use "you're" and "your" correctly without using other people's incorrect spelling?

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humorizer probably expects everyone to think he is some kind of amazing genius now

I agree with 38. I think as long as the rest of us got the jist of the message, nobody cares which form of your/ you're is used. To Humorizer, are you just being an ass because you feel like it? Or are you like this all the time? I think we all know what he meant when he used you're instead of your, so STFU.

Perhaps the wall was low enough you can't see it when you're close?

you sir are a complete douchebag considering youre too lazy to judge where the front of your car ends and its completely stupid to use another car an example for judging the distance as unless it was an identical car the front would be a different length to where you were massively diserved it and shouldnt have a license

gingaa96 18

You need to chill the **** out bro..

lol how could this happen? surely other cars are different sizes from yours, I haven't even got my Ps and I know not to do that.

ahh it brings a tear to my eye to think of how well you did in idiot school and that you could reunite with a co graduate in a parking garage now Find him and run to him little moron! but please look before crossing

tekcor 2

What is it with people and not knowing how big their car is? You have two eyes, the provide you a thing called depth perception. Use it.