By awkward - United States - Oakland
Today, I was out to dinner with a friend I had a crush on. The whole time, he was flirting with the waitress while I was trying to get him to notice me. When we got the check, he looked at her and said, "She's not my girlfriend, I only go out with pretty girls. So, can I have your number?" FML
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  Kaylana_fml  |  31

How can you not see what's wrong with putting down your friends in order to chase tail?

Do you only feel morally obligated to be kind and considerate of the people you are romantically interested in?

  tounces7  |  27

She'd have to be a huge idiot not to turn him down.

Unless she's a major bitch herself, she's not going to go out with a guy who just slammed his female friend right in front of her.

And if she's a major bitch, he deserves her.

By  Champignon_fml  |  19

... And that's when you ditched him with the check and the waitress turned him down for being a shallow prick. This guy doesn't deserve your friendship and is definitely not worth more.

By  Saercia  |  6

I imagine the waitress thinks pretty poorly of him....what sort of an asshole does that?
(I've had crushes on huge assholes before, trust me, when the spell breaks, you will feel relief whenever you think of dodging that bullet!)