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Today, while on my way to the movies, I stopped at a gas station to pick up candy so I could avoid the high prices at the movies. The guy who tore my ticket asked for my purse, confiscated my candy, and then kicked me out of the movie theater. That guy was my boyfriend. FML
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Wow what an ass. Maybe he was angry because you were going to the movies without him?

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Some rules are just meant to be broken.


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Some rules are just meant to be broken.

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Agreeing with 24, here. The prices at theatres are outrageous.

He could lose his job for "searching" your purse. He is not a police officer he has no right. When a store around here suspects someone stole something or brought something they shouldn't have al they can do is ask you to turn out your own purse, of which they are not allowed to touch. If you refuse then all they can do is ask you to leave or call the police.

They can actually search your things. When you go into private property you are consenting to certain things. You can either do as asked (have your purse searched) or leave the property.

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So I can just search a girls panties if she's on my private property and even if she doesn't consent it's not rape should I put fine print somewhere in my home that I can do that? Seems legit...

109, same rule applies. You can't force her to do anything, but you always have the right to ask her to leave. Don't be so dramatic.

119- The concept still applies, here. If 101's faulty information were correct, 109 could "legally" rape someone. Since his use of "they" is ambiguous, I can't tell if he's referring to police officers or theater ushers. Either way, neither have the legal right to directly search someone without explicit consent.

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#101- I work at a movie theater, and we are definitely not allowed to go through people's purse or belongings. Oh, and just a fun fact... Everyone who works with me at the theater brings their own candy in when we watch movies, we don't buy it from the theater. The prices are ridiculous!

Hell yea they are! Back when I had my old wheelchair, it had a pocket underneath. One time I brought Arby's sandwiches, candy, AND sodas… for four! Not a single **** was given that day.

Maybe they should hire TSA people to work at the movie theater

Theaters barely make any money off of admission. That's why the concession prices are so high.

Not sure why some comments were thumbed down. The theaters reserve the right to search your bag. It's usually on a sign when you give the ticket to the usher. P.S. they do it because they do not want people with cameras coming and bootlegging movies. I say kicking out was extreme especially from a loved one, but I'm just here to clarify that they could and have the right to refuse service.

189: they have the right to ASK to search someone's purse. if they so no, they cannot legally search it. even police officers need consent to search a person or vehicle, unless they have a search warrant. he cannot take her purse and search without her telling him that he can

1: no, actually, he is violating his girlfriend's privacy by searching her bag without her consent. even a police officer needs your consent to search your personal belongings. otherwise, they need a search warrant. he doesn't have the authority to do anything of the kind. the fourth amendment protects against things like this; if he had asked to see IN her bag, with her holding it open, and he had found, say, a gun or something not allowed in the theater (aka the candy), he could have asked her to leave or dispose of the candy. if she did not comply, he could have called security. he could NOT take her things.

I am not disagreeing or agreeing with the varied opinions here, but I thought I'd put in my two cents. Due to the recent theater shooting, theaters tightening up security a bit. I've been asked to let them search my bag numerous times, mostly for weapons and such. It's general procedure. It may vary on location though. However, I've never been clueless enough to actually get caught with my smuggled sweets (:

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Since when can a dude on the cinema gate look to someone's purse???wtf

101- I work at a bar. With your logic, I can search anyone that comes into the bar to see if they brought their own alcohol since they are on private property. It doesn't work like that.

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Seriously? A freakin' movie ticket taker cant search someone's goddamn purse! Police cant even do that unless you consent or they have proven reasons to be suspicious of you! And this guy did this to his GIRLFRIEND? Hes a freak and deserves to be alone.

Wow what an ass. Maybe he was angry because you were going to the movies without him?

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She technically wasn't going without him

Or maybe she had sour patch kids and so needed an excuse to be able take them.

Whenever I go they never check my purse and I go to a few different places...not sure that they're allowed to unless you have a huge suspicious bag.

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Let's see : it's his job and he could lose his job for not doing it. But he didn't have to kick you out though. He's probably made that you showed so little regard for his job to try and sneak food in. It's really disrespectful on your part

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What's disrespectful is paying $2 of $50 candy and $4 for $1 worth of soda

Exactly, she shouldn't have gone with her other boyfriend, heartless bitch.

@222 Ummmmm? Not at all what I was implying.

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He was only doing his job.... Still kind of a dick move though

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It's definitely not any ticket takers job to search someone's purse (My response: "Do you have a warrant? No? Okay then"). And even still, they definitely can't 'confiscate' something that belongs to you! It was made worse by the fact that this ticket taker happens to be OP's angry boyfriend. It's pretty obvious though that whatever he's angry about, he's handling it very immaturely.

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They can search your belongings to see if your bringing in outside food or drink or trying to bring in camera's to bootleg the movie.

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I always thought they weren't allowed to search your stuff...

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They can search your shit but i wouldnt let them take it if i were being kicked out anyway. And even if he werent your boyfriend id say dick move, not like he makes a commission off candy.

He wasn't doing his job, they can't legally search people's purses, even if it is someone they know.

Movie theaters are a business, and I think we can all agree that's its better to have crazy expensive food and drink than expensive tickets. People who smuggle food and drink into the theater cut deep into the profits of the business and it is understandable for a movie theater to want to prevent people from doing it. If Op's boyfriend up and grabbed the purse to check for candy he should be fired, but chances are he asked and she allowed him to check it.

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As an usher (the ticket ripper), we don't search purses or backpacks however we can ask that you throw away outside food and drinks or to not enter with an oversized purse or backback. Ever since the movie theater shooting incident, we have upped our security, and the security guards or police officers detailing our theater my search your bags.

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121 - That's because the entire FML is in the past tense.

I was meaning to say he should be her ex bf. sorry about that

All FMLs are written in the present tense, so at that moment in time, he was her boyfriend, though that is likely not the case right now.

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Movie food prices are crazy high, i bring my own candy too. And i don't think a job should be more important than a person you care about

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While theory, I would agree but in reality, it doesn't really make that much of a difference. I, sometimes, bring my own candy but my bf and I always end up getting popcorn and a slushie, anyway so it doesn't really matter. I doubt it's hurting the business to the point of them going bankrupt so why not? Others do this all the time! If it was that big of a deal, my local movie theatre would be checking everyone's purses all the time. But that was real dick bag of OP... Who does that to their own GF? If that was me, I would've sneaked my BF in the movie for free or invited him later after the last showing so him and I would have the whole theatre to myself.

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#5 How is that being cheap? That's being smart. I am a big movie goer and I stock up on snacks from the nearest Walmart because I can buy a soda for a buck whereas AMC charges a whopping 5 bucks for one. I mean if you can afford it then more power to you but most folks like me, can't. So I call it smart and using the brain god gave you not cheap. Or maybe it's cheap but it's the way to go.

My friend and I always get sodas out of the vending machines before going in, it's cheaper than buying a small soda at my movie theater.

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Movie tickets are a break even for theaters, the money that keeps the doors open and staff paid comes mostly from concessions. There are also health department rules in some areas that prohibit outside food, in case of food poisoning or other potential lawsuits.

that's because that's where theaters make there big bucks to stay in business they dot make as much from tickets because they lose a percentage that's how the world works

Wow! Then I must be extremely cheap! I only go for Matinees~ Movies before 12PM costs $7, few people I know pay $5 or $6 where they live. I even "movie hop". Cheapest of the cheap? Meh. If saving me a couple of bucks is called cheap, well then, MAN I LOVE BEING CHEAP. Let's see.. save a buck here... and a buck here... OMG I SAVED 100 BUCKS.

Oh it's so thrifty to be a cheap waste of life. Good going, congratulations on being cheats and swindlers.

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Au contraire #170. It's not being a cheap waste of life or a cheater, or a swindler. It's being smart enough to recognize when you are being cheated out of your money. If anything, the consumer is being cheated out their money. I mean, a buck used to go far. Now it doesn't. You have to learn how to consume more economically. Some people aren't made of money and it sure as hell doesn't grow on trees. But hey, you go right ahead bud and pay 5 bucks for a soda while your neighbor buys a 12 pack for 3 bucks.

I work at a movie theatre... I sneak my own food in too. It's Damn expensive.

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62-some rules are meant to be broken but definitely not all of them. I wouldn't suggest killing anyone just because there's a rule against it.

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Eminem is not a band and you are too young to be on this website

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For what doing his job? There's always one person ??